Research Journal

  • Why Disability Mainstreaming is Good for Business:A New Narrative

  • Retailing in Indonesia: A deeper look into the world’s growing market

  • The Development of Small- and the Role of Digital Ecosystems During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case of Indonesia

  • The Value Relevance of ESG Disclosure in Indonesian Listed Bank: A Preliminary Study

  • Exploring program on ocean plastic pollution management: Case of NGO in Jakarta

  • Motivations and outcomes in dual-degree programs: insights from graduate scholarships for Indonesian civil servants

  • The lepers, lunatics, the lame, the blind, the infirm and the making of the asylums and benevolent charities: the Indian merchant class and disability in colonial India

  • Project Managers’ Leadership Styles and Their Effects on Project Management Performance

  • Van Gogh Museum: A Digitally Engaging Museum

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