Associate Professor, Suffolk Business School. University of Suffolk, United Kingdom

Area of Expertise : Business Ethics, Organizational Behaviors, Cross-Culture Management

Tom has tutored and lectured on a wide range of postgraduate and undergraduate modules at several business schools including Warwick, Essex, Queen Mary (University of London) and Glyndŵr.  At UoS, his primary role is as MBA programme leader. He lectures Operations & HRM, International Business Strategy and Research Methods (at postgraduate level); Managing People for a Competitive Advantage, International Marketing Strategy, Risk & Project Management and Research Methods (at undergraduate level). He also leads the dissertation module for postgraduate students. Tom received his first two degrees at Warwick University (BSc Management Sciences; MA Organisation Studies) and Ph.D. from Essex University, UK. In 2007, Tom began his Ph.D. at the University of Essex under the tutelage of Dr. Chris Land and Professor Harro Höpfl. His research used the methods of organizational anthropology in the study of unconventional work practices at a large intentional community in Scotland.

Research Interests

  • Paradox, ontology and complexity
  • The projectification of work life
  • Organizational change (particularly in terms of the rise of “co-working” in the New Economy)
  • Religion and spirituality in relation to organizational behaviour
  • Émile Durkheim and collective effervescence
  • Ethnography and management consultancy
  • Gender and the workplace

Details of Tom’s publications, conference papers, consultancy projects, guest lectures and public seminars can be found below.