As an urbanized city, Jakarta’s ocean is worsening every year due to the geographic location. This paper attempts to address the role(s) of NGOs in Jakarta ocean plastic management and factor contributing to the community participation in ocean plastic waste. A qualitative design utilizing in-depth interviews will be conducted to gather all the necessary data from participants. Five selected respondents are representative from NGOs: Trash Hero Jakarta, Divers Clean Action, Sea Soldier Jakarta, Osoji Jakarta, Yayasan KEHATI. All of the respondents represented their NGOs have a community involvement program because people and community have an important role to fight against ocean plastic waste management. 2 respondents fight waste in the land because it is easier and since Jakarta has 13 rivers that are connected to the ocean, waste management program in the land proves to be one of the main issues that need to be taking care of to reduce ocean plastic waste. All of the non-profit organization community programs are educating participants about waste management and how to do the recycling process. The existence of a non-profit organization in Indonesia proves to be very helpful for Indonesia’s government to fight against waste production in Indonesia especially Jakarta. The recommendation was Indonesia’s government taking the waste issue as a big problem and giving a stricter regulation and implementation. Further, Indonesia’s island needs to have its waste bank and recycling system so the local citizen did not litter in the ocean anymore.