The above video is one of the digital content assignments that explains a particular industry sector of the Indonesian business. We are delighted to showcase the best digital content for you to observe; designed by Hayati Binti Monong, Kireina Fadila, Rodman Hubert James, and Titie Andelina Wiji.

Learning a particular subject can sometimes be boring, or even not attractive. In International Business program, we offer a course that specifically designed to understand business in Indonesia, with an interactive way inside and outside the class. The subject will give to students an overview of Indonesian business atmosphere and its potential which is influenced by domestic and global environments.  Through several digital assignments and activities students will have the opportunity to discover and learn the existing and potential businesses and markets as well as the dynamics of doing business in Indonesia.

We provide you with a module that is purposed for this subject. The module starts with the macroeconomic condition in Indonesia, where most of industry sectors are covered. We also explain Indonesia’s current GDP growth, nominal GDP, and GDP per capita. Some of the information, graphs, and figures are also taken from prominent sources, such as the PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC), the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to ensure the latest update of Indonesia’s business facts.

By the end of the course, we encourage students to analyze the influential factors that shape Indonesia Business Environment, analyze Indonesia business potential and its environment and to analyze the opportunity and challenge of doing business in Indonesia. This is a great opportunity for you, both Indonesian and foreign students to learn about Indonesia in business and cultural contexts.

The subject consists of class lecturing ,case study materials, guest speaker from business practitioners and/or company visit.  The assigned chapters or materials are intended to give ideas of business practice in real world as well as in Indonesia.

Business in Indonesia is offered in Odd semester, 2019 (September – January), and will be taught by Dr. Marko S Hermawan, CA, CPMA, who also created the module.