University : Cologne Business School, Germany

Area of Expertise : Financial Analysis, Digital Strategy Development

Dr. Ulrich Anders is a professor in Strategic Management at Cologne Business School, Germany. His area of expertise ranging from Organizational analysis and organizational design; Harmonious organization and compatibility of interests complexity; The “physics” of companies; Concept Thinking; (Agile) Project Management and Digital Transformation. He has Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Corporate Management / Operations Research, TH Karlsruhe MBA in General Management, the University of Kent at Canterbury and a Ph.D on “Statistical neural networks” from the TH Karlsruhe.

Research Interests

 Strategic management involves two essential and central tasks: organization and decision . In this context, my research revolves around questions of the compatibility of interests and the efficiency of organizational models. There is no generally accepted measure of organizational efficiency in either science or practice. The question of organizational efficiency is extremely important, as a non-efficient organization always and inevitably leads to a waste of the company’s resources – a situation that a company can not afford in an increasingly competitive environment.

Furthermore, in my research I ask the question of a suitable organizational form for the entrepreneurial challenges of the 21st century and its (including digital) business models. As a possible answer, I have conceptualized the organizational model of the Harmonious Organization © .

In addition, I work scientifically with considerations to a systematic process of the product conception, which leads at the same time also in a possibility of (digital) marketing: this process I called Concept Thinking.

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