Tatum S.  Adiningrum. M.Ed. Ph.D

Tatum S. Adiningrum. M.Ed. Ph.D

Senior Manager Academic Development
Room 400, Binus University International JWC campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I no. 6 Senayan, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia.


Tatum has both industrial and small-business experience. She worked in marketing and external relations in a language school in Surabaya for over 7 years while also grew a family business in retail. However, she always has the passion in education sector, and decided to pursue a Masters of Education in 2006. She joined Binus International in 2010 as Development Coordinator, working in curriculum design and professional development for lecturers. She joined the International Business program at the same time, and teaching Research Methodology and Managing across Cultures. She was appointed as the Head of Learning Development in 2012, working closely with Head of Programs in the curriculum and pedagogical development of Binus International. She received the New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship in 2015, and completed her PhD in Education in the University of Auckland in 2019.


  • 2015 – 2019 – University of Auckland, Doctor of Education (Ph.D). Centre of Learning and Research in Higher Education
  • 2006 – 2008 – Flinders University, South Australia; Master of Education, Leadership and Management (M.Ed L&M)
  • 1996 – 2000 – Airlangga University, Indonesia; Bachelor of Political Science, majoring in International Relations


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Adiningrum, T.S. (2009, 13 June). Mendidik Masyarakat Indonesia Sadar Plagiarisme (Educating Indonesian to be aware of Plagiarism). Kompas newspaper.

Head of Learning Development –  2011 – 2015

  • Setting target of curriculum and syllabus review
  • Liaise with Dean, Head of Program, Program Coordinator, and faculty members of each school and other related parties in all aspects of curriculum and professional development programs
  • Design academic policy and procedure to promote better teaching and learning process to comply with international accreditation requirement
  • Design and deliver Lecturer Development Workshops
  • Review and approve faculty external training requests
  • Maintaining database and designing program to accelerate attaintment of Jabatan Fungsional Dosen

Development Coordinator – 2010 – 2011

  • Assist Head of Development, Head of Program, Program Coordinator, and faculty members of each school and other related parties in all aspects of curriculum and professional development programs
  • Assist in the organization of workshops/trainings for the curriculum and professional learning development programs
  • Review and audit improved syllabus of all undergraduate and graduate programs corresponding to the approved curriculum
  • Assist in the organization and review of activities & opportunities related to curriculum and professional development in teaching and learning
  • Assist in the development and implementation process of procedures/policies in all aspects of teaching and learning

External Relations Manager – IALF Surabaya 2008-2010

  • Liaising with scholarship funding bodies cooperating with IALF, such as ADS, NZAID, AED and CINOP
  • Monitoring progress of scholarship funding students through meetings and questionnaires
  • Designing and delivering IALF Scholarship Workshop
  • Introducing IELTS as a reliable and accessible English language test to students, academics and the public through presentations, workshops, seminars and exhibitions
  • Expanding network with educational institutions, local and international
  • Updating information to students and contacts through traditional and electronic channels
  • Creating and maintaining client database
  • Coordinating marketing initiatives, managing a team of three sub-ordinates
  • Coordinating with other departments on marketing and customer service activities

Marketing Officer – IALF Surabaya 2001 – 2006

Jul 2002–Jun 2006            Marketing Officer

Marketing and promotion planning

  • Made plans and controlled promotional materials
  • Coordinated with other departments in marketing and customer service activities
  • Recruited part-timer, if needed


 2015       New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship awardee to study PhD in Education at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

2013       National Seminar and Discussion – Dealing with Plagiarism in Indonesian Higher Education Institutions. Funding for professional development activity with Suparto. Alumni Reference Group, AusAID.

2013       Internationalisation of Indonesian Higher Education Institution. Seed funding research grant with Fatimah Husein. Alumni Reference Group, AusAID.

2011       Exploring Plagiarism Awareness and Its Impact on Assessment Design: A Case Study of an Indonesian Business School. Mentoring Research Grant with Diah Wihardini and Dezie Warganegara, as mentee. BINUS International.

2013       Methods Development of Indonesian Research in Business and Management Published in National Accredited Journal (2002-2010) Mentoring Research Grant with Ahmad Seiichi Ramadhan, as mentor. BINUS International.

2013       Best Employee Award, Bina Nusantara University

2012       Best Lecturer Award, Binus International

2006       Australia Development Scholarship (ADS) awardee to study Master of Education at Flinders University, Australia

1998       Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program, cooperation between Canada World Youth and the Ministry of Education and Culture


  1. Journal of Academic Ethics


Australia Association Research in Education