Ahmad Seiichi Ramadhan. S.E, M.M

Ahmad Seiichi Ramadhan. S.E, M.M

Operation Manager BINUS International
Room 402, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I no. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia


Mr. Seiichi completed his master degree in Business Management from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to joining BINUS, he worked for AON Consulting Singapore. His career experience includes national and international research as well as consulting projects in business and management. He is experienced in research methodology concepts and several analytical tools.

  1. Technical Editor, Journal of Business Strategy and Execution (JBSE); 2010 – now.
  2. Technical Editor, Journal of Applied Finance and Accounting (JAFA); 2010-2015.


  1. Heriyati, P. & Ramadhan, A.S. (2012). The Influence of Employee Satisfaction in Supporting Employee Work Performance and Retention Moderated by the Employee Engagement Factor of an Institution (An Empirical Study of BINUS Business School). International Journal of Economics and Management (IJEM), 6(1):191-200. ISSN 1823 – 836X.
  2. Alamsjah, F., Ramadhan, A.S., & Kusuma, A. (2012). The Impact of Information Integration in the Supply Chain on Financial Performance, Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis (MABIS), Vol. 11 Maret 2012. ISSN: 1412-3789.

Conference publications

  1. Ramadhan, A.S. & Adiningrum, T.A. (2014). Trends of Research Methodologies Published in Indonesian National Journals, 2002-2009. Proceeding 12th EBES Conference, January 9-11 2014 at the Nanyang Technological University School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Singapore.
  2. Margiono, M.A., Alamsjah, F. & Ramadhan, A.S. (2012). How Social Am I: Self-Perception of Senior Managers in Indonesia on Their Companies’ Social Actions. Proceedings 5th Global Business and Social Science Research Conference, June 25-26 2012 in Beijing, China.
  3. Revina, S. & Ramadhan, A.S. (2012). Investigating University Students’ Statistical Literacy: Understanding Students’ Reasoning on Graphs, Proceeding KONFERENSI NASIONAL MATEMATIKA XVI Universitas Padjadjaran, July 3-6 2012 in West Java, Indonesia.


Apart from serving BINUS Business School, Seiichi runs several businesses, contributes to art related magazines, and curates his personal pop culture related gallery. He also volunteered in moderating an American based pop culture related start-up.



  1. Faculty Excellence Award BINUS INTERNATIONAL Odd Semester 2013/2014 and Odd Semester of 2011/2012 for School of Mathematic Studies.
  2. Faculty Excellence Award BINUS INTERNATIONAL Even Semester of 2012/2013 for School of Management.
  3. Faculty Excellence Award BINUS INTERNATIONAL Even Semester of 2011/2012 for School of Management

Visiting Faculty

May, 2014. School of Global Studies, Tama University, Japan ; Contemporary Indonesian Consumers