Dr. Ami Fitri Utami, SE., MSM

Dr. Ami Fitri Utami, SE., MSM

Head of Program
+62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
Room 402, 4th floor, BINUS International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Ami is currently the Head of the International Business Program at BINUS Business School. She earned her doctoral degree in strategic management from Universitas Indonesia and successfully made various publications in highly reputable journals. Before her academic career, Ami handled numbers consulting projects at the Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership in SBM ITB. She also acted as a research executive for international research at Nielsen Company, handling various multi-country research projects in Indonesia. Ami was also a partner at Quest Strategic, a startup research and management consulting company in Indonesia.

Academic Qualifications 

  • 2017-2021, University of Indonesia – Doctor in Management Science (Strategic Management)
  • 2012-2014, Bandung Institute of Technology – Master of Science in Management (People & Organization Behavior)
  • 2007 – 2011, Padjadjaran University – Bachelor of Economics – Business Management (People & Organization Behavior)


  • “Transactive memory system, innovation, and performance of Peer to Peer Lending FinTech in Indonesia.” This research focused on how a firm might entrench benefits from its’ collaboration through the concept of a Transactive Memory System (TMS) at the inter-firm collaboration level. This research argued that the availability of TMS among the P2P lending FinTech firm and its collaboration might enhance the firm’s competitive advantage, such innovation, leading to better performance in the market. This research mainly contributes to the TMS research field, where the concept of TMS is primarily used in a small group and has never been investigated in inter-firm collaboration. The current study also contributes to the TMS field as it goes to the dimensional level rather than using TMS as a second-order factor construct. The study used 101 responses from Indonesian FinTech P2P Lending firms, which covered up to 70% of the population.


  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Leadership & Managing Human Capital
  • Organizational Development Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability Management

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Publication (Conferences)

The antecedents of value in use in building loyalty towards mobile e-commerce apps; AF Utami, IA Ekaputra, A Japutra, S Molinillo; 2020 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul, 1265-1269; 2020

Using analytic hierarchy process and Decision Tree for a production decision making

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Development of SMEs’ Competitiveness Model in Indonesia; DC Lantu, MS Triady, AF Utami; Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business (IICIES 2015)

Publication (Popular)

Bosses listened to their workers about how e-commerce should work during the pandemic. That should continue; Sebastiaan Van Doorn, Ami Fitri Utami, Arnold Japutra; May 2022;  https://theconversation.com/bosses-listened-to-their-workers-about-how-e-commerce-should-work-during-the-pandemic-that-should-continue-180707

Ekonomi Kreatif : Rencana Pengembangan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Nasional 2015—2019; AF Utami, ML Kitri; PT Republik Solusi


Professional Engagement

  • Marketing strategy development of an integrated multichannel system for Indonesian tech-startup
  • Learning management system new product development analysis for Indonesian tech-startup
  • Development of National Marketing Strategy for Tourism In Indonesia (Grasping Overseas Market) for Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia
  • Development of National Midterm Planning for Creative Industry in Indonesia for Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia
  • Development of National MSME’s Competitiveness Model for Ministry of National Development Planning
  • Market research for penetration, preference, and engagement for multinational companies (FMCGs)



Rewards & Grants

Best Teaching Award – Bina Nusantara University, 2018

Best Quality Coordinator – Bina Nusantara University, 2019

Best Paper – ICFBE, 2018

LPDP Doctoral Scholarship – 2017-2021

Contribution award – Ministry of tourism and creative economy, 2015

Outstanding Scholar – School of Business and Management ITB, 2014

Winner- National business case competition, Universitas Indonesia, 2013

Internal Grants (BINUS)

Chief Investigator- Generational work values and employment issues in organization (study of Indonesian employees)/ Contract number: 020A/ VR.RTT/IV/2017/ RP 10.000.000

Chief Investigator- Understanding employee attitude towards change; The role of self efficacy and trust in leader/ Contract number: 014/VR.RTT/III/2018/ RP 10.000.000

Chief Investigator- Pengaruh birokrat dalam kinerja dewan komisaris di BUMN Indonesia/ Contract number: 033/VR.RTT/IV/2019/ RP 10.000.000

Chief Investigator- Workvalue congruence generasi milenial di Indonesia/ Contract number: 025/VR.RTT/IV/2020/ RP 10.000.000

Chief Investigator- The importance of intellectual capital and strategic agility as drivers of SME competitiveness during pandemic: Evidence from Indonesia/ Contract number: 018/VR.RTT/III/2021/ RP 10.000.000

External Grants:

Co-Investigator of PITMA-A Research Grant of ~$11,000 AU, Project: “Innovation in Fintech industry”, 2019 (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) with Prof. Irwan Adi Ekaptura (University of Indonesia) and Dr. Arnold Japutra (UWA)

Project participant of SRR Grant of $19,400 AU, Project: “Digital Innovation in IDX Firms”, 2020 (Australia-Indonesia Centre, Australia) with Dr. Sebastiaan van Doorn (UWA), Prof. Irwan Adi Ekaptura (University of Indonesia), and Dr. Arnold Japutra (UWA)

Chief Investigator of LPDP Dissertation funding of Rp.50.000.000, 00, Project: FinTech Industry Collaboration and Innovation