Study Completion Requirements

To complete a major in International Business, students must complete one of the streaming offered within the following double degree program. The total credit to fulfill is 146 SCUs (System Credit Unit). The following list is the Double Degree program dedicated for IB students, complete with the year of study and specialization courses. All courses from the partner universities will be transferred to Binus courses as part of one academic transcript. Students who completed both courses from Binus and partner universities are entitled to receive two bachelor certificates from the respective universities.

A complete study plan can be found in this link.

Major Streaming
Title Partner
International Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship S.E & B.Bus University of Newcastle, Australia
International Business, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing S.E & B.Com University of New South Wales, Australia
Commerce and Management

Accounting, Actuarial Science, Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resource & International Relations, International Business, Commercial Law, Public Policy, Marketing, Taxation, Information Systems,

S.E & B.Com Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Commerce and Management

Business Management

S.E & B.A.Hons Bournemouth University, UK
Business Management with Entrepreneurship S.E & B.A.Hons Edinburgh Napier University, UK

International Business

International Trade, Marketing Management, Financial Management S.E & B.A

Cologne Business School, Germany

Business Administration

Chinese Business Studies S.E & BBA Ningbo University, China
Korean Business Studies S.E & BBA Solbridge International School of Business, Korea