International Business

SolBridge International School of Business (2+2)

International Business program is one of the two programs in Binus University International that offer a double-degree program with SolBridge International School of Business – Woosong University, South Korea. It is located in the city of Daejeon, Solbridge International School of Business offers 2+2 arrangement of study program. The students will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a selected major from SolBridge and BINUS after fulfilling all requirements in the designated degree programs.

Within the arrangement, Students are required to take a full-time internship as as part of their study. This is to ensure that Binus 3+1 enrichment program can also be implemented in the partner university. During their study in Solbridge, students are entitled to get assistant from Solbridge in finding internships for 2 semesters.

Students should complete the following course schedule at BINUS before being eligible to transfer to SolBridge. BINUS will provide necessary instruction and support to the students enrolling the program, academically and socially.

Course Code Course Title
Course Code
Equivalent to Course Title
at SolBridge
      Core Courses
ACCT6241 Accounting for Business 6 ACC101B Introduction to Accounting 3
MGMT6011 Introduction to Management and Business 4 BUS100 Introduction to Business 3
ECON6063 Economics 6 BUS109 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
BUS110 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
MATH6116 Mathematics and Statistics for Business 6 BUS208C Basic Statistical Methods and Applications 3
BUSS6091 Business Ethics 2 BUS404D Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3
FINC6001 Financial Management 4 FIN305 Introduction to Corporate Finance 3
BUSS6089 International Business I 3 IBS301 International Business Management 3
MGMT6250 Marketing Management I 4 MKT200B Principles of Marketing 3
      Total Core Credits 27
      Elective Courses
Remaining courses suggested Elective Bulk 43
      Total preceding 2-year at BINUS 70

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