Parulian Hutapea, MBA (UoO), Ir (IPB)

Lecturer – International Business


Telephone: +62-21-720-2222

Location: Room 401, 4th  floor,
Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia


Parulian  has worked in various companies and Higher Education Institutions for more than 32 years, such as: HELM-USAID (leadership specialist), G4S (HR Manager), Cahaya Buana Group (HR Group Head), ABN AMRO-Bank (AVP Human Resources), PT. Aqua Golden Missisipi (HR Head), Hay Management Consultant(Management consultant and trainer), Center for Agroeconomic research (Researcher),  LPPM (Professional Staff and management consultant), Kwik Kian Gie School of Business (Vice Rector II and lecturer), MMA-IPB (part time lecturer), STIE Nusantara (part time lecturer), MBA Bandung (part time lecturer), and SBM-ITB Jakarta and Bandung (Guest lecturer).  Parulian also has done a lot of consulting activities in serving the following companies.


2016 –  present – University of Indonesia, Doctoral Student in Business Administration (Dr)

1987 – 1989 – University of Oregon, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1980- 1984 – Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB), Bachelor in Agribusiness  (Ir.)


Parulian  research interests are competencies, management and leadersip, human resources Management and business.  His research methodology are both qualitative and quantitative is qualitative approach.


Thoha, N. & Hutapea, P. The Identification of Elements Affecting Research and Innovation in Higher Education by using the 7S McKinsey Frameworksubmitted to scopus journal


  • HRM,
  • Leadership,
  • Research Method,
  • Management and more


Kompetensi Plus, published by PT.Gramedia.


  1.  Praktik Complex Adaptive System (CAS) di Indonesia  dan implikasinya terhadap Manajeme Perbaikian Manajemen Sumber     Daya Manusia (Persoalan dan ancaman, Peluang dan Jalan Keluar).      Seminar Pembaruan Manajemen Bisnis Indonesia 7-8 Mei 2008.
  2. The Impact of Asian Financial Crisis on HRM Practices in Indonesia, accepted but not presented at 10th International Conference on Global Business and Economic Development, Kyoto, Japan, August 8-11.
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  5. Competency’s building and levelling in manufacturingcompanies in Jakarta, 1998.
  6.  Competency based interview and its possible application  in research, 2005
  7. The Change management and the transformation of Human Resources Management in Business Organisation, January 2003
  8. The relationship between company complexity and CEO Compensation, May 2003
  9. Post Formation Dynamics in Technology Alliance January 2004
  10. National Examination, Competency Based Curriculum and the Future of National Education, 2006.
  11. Competency Based Curriculum and National Education, 2004
  12. Research Study in Different Culture 2002
  13.  Module development for three courses: Business in Indonesia, Business in ASEAN and South East Asian Culture. These modules are designed for the three respective subjects offered in International Business program.


  • Local Government Comparative Project (incl. decentralization) between East Java (as a Sister City of Perth) and Western Australia (2002-2006).
  • Department of Forestry, Swed Forest and Wahanabhaktipersadajaya (1995)

             Management, planning and policy in HTI.

  • Division of audit, Department of Co-operation and PPK (1994)

             Organisation, system and procedure in audit department

  • Department of Education (BPPN) 1994.

Organisation Development in Department of Education in implementing nine years basic education

  • Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) or State own electricity Company (1991)

Corporate Planning (Cooperation between Electricity De France, PLN and PT Paramita)

  • The Research project on Transmigrant Income and Prosperity in South Sumatera (1985)
  • Ebara Indonesia (2001) Job Evaluation & Salary Management
  • Bostinco (2001)Job Evaluation & Salary Management
  • Cipta Kreasi Prima Muda (2000)

             Performance Management, Competency, Job Evaluation  & Salary Management

  • Air Liquide (2000). Competency
  • PERTAMINA (1997). Organization and Competency Development
  • Bank Central Asia (1997). Reward and competency model
  • Bank Danahutama (1995). Job analysis, job evaluation, salary management and performance appraisal
  • Bimantara Citra (1993).Training needs survey, training design for group and career development
  • Borsumej Wehry Indonesia (1992).Training design and career path
  • Paprika Swiss Butcher (1990). Business Planning and HR problems
  • PT. Kabel Metal Indonesia  (Project audit and feasibility study)
  • PT. First National Glassware (Project audit)
  • PT. Tranka Kabel (Feasibility study)
  • Sahid Jaya Hotel Bali
  • PT.Wira Lanao( Wood working and moulding)
  • PT. Sungei Pinang(Palm oil)
  • PT. Royal Standard (envelope and continous paper)
  • PT. Inalum (Management training)
  • PT. Babcock Wilcox(Management training)
  • Bank Papan Sejahtera (1996). Reward management
  • Jaya Bank (1996)
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  • Reward project and using competency model for strengthening corporate culture
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