This dual-degree offers 2 + 2 program in business administration in Ningbo University, China. It contains courses related to Chinese Comprehensive and Business Context. The following study plan refers to this program.

03. Course Distribution IB – DD Ningbo – 2018

Ningbo University was established in 1986 by the donation of Yue-Kong Pao. Other major benefactors include Sir Run-run Shaw, Sir Chao An Chung (赵安中), Sir Hans Tang, Sir Yue-shu Pao (包玉书), Sir Cao Guangbiao (曹光彪), Sir Li Dashan (李达三), Sir Zhu Yinglong (朱英龙). Deng Xiaoping wrote the school title. In 1996, Ningbo Normal College (宁波师范学院) and Zhejiang Shuichan College, Ningbo (浙江水产学院宁波分院) were merged into Ningbo University. In the early years of the school founding, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, China University of Science and Technology, Beijing University and other counterparts reconstruction, starting point to begin the school history. After 2000, Ningbo Maritime School, Ningbo Forestry School, and Ningbo Normal School were merged into Ningbo University. The first President was Zhu Zhaoxiang (朱兆祥), from September 1985 to September 1988. In 2012, the government of Zhejiang province and Ningbo city decided to build the university as Ministry of school (the same level as 211 program).

International Business students enrolled in this double degree program will depart on their 5th semester. Upon successful of this study, students are entitled to receive a Sarjana Ekonomi – S.E. (Bachelor of Economics) and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.BA) from Ningbo University, China.

Courses to be taken in Ningbo University are as follows (as of 2016):

Semester Course # (NBU) Course name(Chinese) Course name(English) Credits 课程类别 备注


180H01A 汉语综合(一) Chinese Comprehensive(1) 10 通识教育必修
180H03A 中国概况 General Information about China 3 通识教育必修
183B01A 国际贸易实务 International Trade Practice 3 方向必修
181J09B 管理会计 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3 专业教育选修
187X03A 管理策略 Administrative Policy 3 方向选修
181J14A 国际商法 International Business Law 3 方向选修


180H02A 汉语综合(二) Chinese Comprehensive(2) 10 通识教育必修
180H04A 中国文化 Chinese Culture 3 通识教育必修
180H05A 中国经济 Chinese Economy 2 通识教育必修
18TS05A 专业拓展1 Internship 1 2 专业教育必修
183F02A 国际金融 International Finance 3 方向必修
182J03A 公司财务 Corporate  Finance 3 专业教育选修
182J07A 企业战略管理 Strategic Management 3 专业教育选修
187X09A 合同法 Contract Law 3 方向选修
183M01A 市场调研 Marketing Research 3 方向选修




183B03C 国际企业管理 International Business Management 3 方向必修
183B04A 金融市场与金融机构 Financial Markets and Institutions 3 方向选修
187X07B 广告学 Advertising 3 方向选修
187X01A 商务沟通 Business Communications 3 方向选修
182J06A 生产与运作管理 Fundamentals of Production and Operations Management 3 专业教育选修
187X05A 现代企业理论 The Theory of Business Enterprise 3 专业教育选修
187X02A 企业伦理学 Business Ethics 3 方向选修
Semester(八) 18TS06A 专业拓展2 Internship 2 2 专业教育必修
183B05A 关税、贸易与商务政策 Tariffs, Trade, and Commercial Policy 3 方向选修 1-9周开课
187X04A 企业投资项目评估 Investment Project Evaluation 3 方向选修 1-9周开课