Our program is designed to anticipate the rapid changing of Southeast Asian development. In which ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is expected to take place in 2015. Hence, the needs to equip the program with ASEAN studies is eminent.

“It was one in a time exciting experience for me to be able to participate in this program. Not only did I get to enjoy the trip by traveling to different places in thailand, introduced to muay thai, cooked traditional Pad Thai and immersed myself in the learning activities together with my friends and the locals, but I also got the chance to meet lots of new people from a different culture and background. The program has given me international experience in a different environment other than the ones taught and encountered in the classroom. Furthermore, we had the chance to share our Indonesian cultural performance and country facts to the local students. Visiting Thailand’s night market, historical and religious monuments, temples, malls and food centres were part of the amazing opportunities found within the program to get a better glimpse of Thailand’s culture and lifestyle. Overall, I have enjoyed the P2A program to Thailand from the start until the end of its journey.” – Student testimonial 2019. 


The P2A is an immersion program initiated by Rangsit University, Thailand. Binus University is proud to become part of its members, and to promote ASEAN countries for students. BINUS UNIVERSITY officially joined the P2A association in mind-2014 and is part of a network of ASEAN universities and higher education institutions that collectively serve to offer their students ASEAN preparation programmes.

On 24th April 2017, International Business students, who enrolled in Southeast Asian course, embarked on their first leg of the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) tour which ended on 3rd May 2017.  A total of 39 BINUS UNIVERSITY students visited universities in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The same year, BINUS UNIVERSITY collaborated with Mahasarakham University in Thailand, FPT University in Vietnam, and Mean Chey University in Cambodia. Students were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide-range of cultural events as well as lecture sessions on the latest developments and contemporary issues regarding their host countries.  Furthermore, students were asked to explain a specific topic of interest related to what they have experienced during the programme with the aim of providing an in-depth analysis and comparison to Indonesia; BINUS UNIVERSITY hopes this will further encourage its students to gain knowledge from other ASEAN higher education institutions how best to utilise such knowledge to better prepare Indonesia amidst a new era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

With the implementation of the AEC, the P2A stands as a platform for the ASEAN’s brightest minds to form meaningful collaborations for a variety of opportunities. BINUS UNIVERSITY’s involvement in this association showcases the university’s active role in ensuring Indonesia’s next generation of leaders are fully prepared for the realities of the AEC as well as globalization.

2019 P2A program to Thailand, and Vietnam 

On 18th November 2019, 50 International Business program students left Indonesia to begin their Passage to ASEAN trip that lasted until 22nd November 2019. 24 students embarked to Thailand, while the remaining of the group departed to Vietnam. In Thailand, we were hosted by one of P2A initiators, Rangsit University, where students were scheduled to participate in various cultural activities from attending a lecture on Thailand’s culture, partaking in Muay Thai class, and cooking authentic Thai’s infamous dish, Pad Thai, among other activities.

Attending P2A gave a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in learning culture that was different from their own as they learned it together with their classmates, through first-hand experience. Not only they had an opportunity to attend a class session at Rangsit University, but they also shared about Indonesian culture through class presentation and cultural performances. The students performed Saman dance and a music performance accompanied by Indonesian traditional instrument, angklung, with their iBuddy friends and P2A representatives as the attendees. On top of that, another major highlights of this year’s P2A was the unprecedented social activity where students were volunteered to teach English to a local primary school. The experience showcased the importance of giving back to the society and an increased social awareness no matter what culture you are from.

2018 P2A program to Vietnam, and Cambodia

International Business Program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL strive to keep up with the latest ASEAN regional development, as well as the current business environment. A number of subjects is dedicated to cater ASEAN studies. One dedicated course; MGMT6107 Southeast Asian Culture, embeds an exiting immersion trip to several ASEAN countries in the region, that is packaged in the Passage to ASEAN (P2A).

For more information, please contact Ms. Dwita Harahap (dharahap@binus.edu) or visit P2A our Facebook, YouTube Channel and website, 

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