ABC Collaborative 2023 is a specially-tailored program to promote mutual learning, cultural exchange, and international understanding/bonding among students of ASEAN countries.  Singapore Polytechnic as the host invited participants from Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to join the onsite program after two previous years were held on virtual ground. The Deputy head of the Program of IB, Ayupitha Tiara, was invited to give a short presentation on Indonesian Business Culture to the participants so that they could learn the diverse aspect of culture in developing business in the ASEAN region.  

The primary objectives of ABC Collaborative 2023 are as follows:

       To learn about the Singapore business environment and experience Singapore’s unique culture.

       To learn Design Thinking methodology by applying it to solve a real-world project.

       To learn about Entrepreneurial Thought and Action.

       To bond and discuss topics of mutual interest with fellow tertiary students from the ASEAN region.