Welcome to IB! and Welcome to BIBS.

BINUS International Business Society (BIBS) is a student organizational club specifically aimed for International Business students from BINUS International Undergraduate Program based in JWC Campus. BIBS is an International Business student organization that allows International Business students to join and participate in BIBS events in order to build network, develop relations, gain educational exposure, as well as to participate in social work. BIBS Club to unite the International Business students of BINUS International University as by building teamwork and participating in various events.

BIBS have conducted several events in the past including Do-nate it where students went to visit Elderly Nursing Home “Muara Kasih” as well as BIBS Talks which were held both on-site and online. The guest speakers came from many backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, professionals, entertainers, government officials and many others. Several of them include Boy William, Saykoji, Mrs. Grace Batubara and Mr. Andrisyah Tauladan. BIBS also held batch gatherings where students can interact freely with the faculty members/lecturers of IB. Students can apply their communication and management skills by organizing these events and being part of the committee. Please check and follow our instagram account for more information: @binus.bibs  http://instagram.com/binus.bibs