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Stay CREATIVE when you have to stay home

Stay Creative when You Have to Stay Home Talkshow
By: Binus International Business Society (BIBS)

Stay Creative when You Have to Stay Home Talkshow was an event that conducted on Monday, 18th May 2020. It was presented by BIBS club through Zoom aplication with 3 fenomenal speakers. The talkshow was conducted in english from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for all Binusian who already registered themselves through google form in BIBS instagram bio. The amazing 3 speakers are well-known public figures in Indonesia which are William Hartanto (Boy William), Ignatius Penyami (Saykoji), and Hermann Josis Mokalu (Yosi). This event was also hosted by one of Binus International University students, Princess Megonondo who was Miss Indonesia 2019.

This event was conducted during social distancing measures in Indonesia where some people might have a hard time to be creative while staying at home. Social distancing measures in Indonesia happened due to regulation from government to reduce the spread of Covid-19 virus. This event was conducted to inspire the participants that we can still be creative in any conditions. The 3 speakers are still being creative during this pandemic and we would like to hear their stories and insights to stay creative.

Stay Creative when You Have to Stay Home Talkshow was a successful event. There was 154 participants (134 Binus students) that joined our event. The feedback from the participants mentioned that many of them really enjoyed the event and the talkshow was really interesting. Many of the participants also asked questions to the speakers and the speakers answered it well. The speakers also showed us some projects that they are working on and showed us that we can still create projects and collaboration with people through online applications.