“The program of Passage to ASEAN is fascinating, it offers and delivers knowledge under diverse circumstances and the environment by visiting countries in ASEAN. Besides broaden the horizons in networking and connections, the program offers the opportunity for students to encounter cross-cultural experiences and gain more insights for continuous improvement in any possible aspects. Furthermore, Passage to ASEAN program provide spaces for students to communicate with the local buddies from our partner universities, that allow students to enhance their communication skill as well as interpersonal skill. Thereupon, Passage to ASEAN is a great learning program that enables students to explore new things and to improve their capabilities in handling diverse-competitive environments with different characteristics and cultures within ASEAN countries”  – Ernest

“Our voyage from this P2A program has been summarized to be filled with its benefits and different educational experiences for the class. First and foremost is that the program has been an eye-opening experience for the students as they are able to travel to places that are not popularly known by the world and also observe cultures like never before. These countries show the students an overlook of how a country is still progressively developing. Although they are aware that their country is also in the state of development, the program shows the development of a country that has bigger struggles than their own country would endure, giving them an insight of how life could be different and giving them a feeling to be fortunate enough and proud that their own nation is striving. Nonetheless, the study and experience of this program give the student a chance to increase their analytical skills in observing the conditions of the country, as well as its culture and how they may differ compared to other nations of Southeast Asia. This voyage may be an assessment for one particular course, but the students have gained knowledge that is interrelated with other subjects that is technically beneficiary for the students who are currently taking International Business as it will then give them an open-minded experience in which they would be able to comprehend and understand how countries has its differences and similarities.” – Andhika