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Single Degree in ASEAN Business Studies

 Single Degree – Business in ASEAN

The ASEAN Business Studies is catered to equip students with a variety of knowledge in ASEAN business context. The implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community has led a strong encouragement to establish academic rigor in ASEAN economic and business issues. International Business program is aware the need to upgrade students competencies in understanding the regional context, as well as the implication to Indonesian business sector.

A number of ASEAN-related courses are offered to enrich the content of economy and business within the Southeast Asian region.  Upon completion of this program, students will receive a Sarjana Ekonomi – S.E. (Bachelor of Economics) degree from Binus University International.

Below is the curriculum design for the single degree program – Business in ASEAN


Group* Course SCU
MKK ENGL6171 Academic English I 2
MPK CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila 2
MKB ENTR6091 Project Hatchery 2
MBB BUSS6091 Business Ethics 2
MKK ECON6063 Economics 8
MKK MGMT6011 Introduction to Management and Business 4
Sub Total 20
Cumulative 20



Group* Course SCU
MPB ENGL6172 Academic English II 3
MPK CHAR6014 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2
MKK ACCT6241 Accounting for Business 8
MKK MKTG8005 Marketing Management 4
MKK BUSS6089 International Business I 3
Sub Total 20
Cumulative 37




Group* Course SCU
MPK CHAR6014 Character Building: Agama 2
MKK LANG6061 Indonesian 1
MKB ENTR6094 Design Driven Entrepreneurship 3
MPB BUSS6090 International Business II 4
MKK MGMT6012 Human Resources Management 4
MKK MATH6048 Business Mathematics 4
MKK FINC6110 Financial Management 4
Sub Total 22
Cumulative 59



Group* Course SCU
MKK COMM6192 Business Communication 2
MPK Business Statistics 4
MPB MGMT6248 Cross Cultural Management 2
MKK ECON6064 Managerial Economics 4
MKK MGMT6018 Operation Management 4
ISYS6118 Management Information Systems 4
MKK RSCH6065 Research Methodology I 2
Sub Total 22
Cumulative 80




Group* Course SCU
MPB BUSS6027 Exporting – Importing 4
MPB BUSS6024 Business in ASEAN 4
MPB MGMT6107 South East Asian Culture 3
MKK BUSS6029 Business in Indonesia 2
MKB MGMT6096 Project Management 4
MPB MGMT6232 Strategic Management 4
Sub Total 22
Cumulative 102



Group* Course SCU
MKB Enrichment Program I 16
Sub Total 16
Cumulative 116

Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus). See enrichment appendix for the tracks detail.



Group* Course SCU
MKB Enrichment Program II 16
Sub Total 16
Cumulative 132

Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus). See enrichment appendix for the tracks detail.





Group* Course SCU
MPB RSCH6066 Research Methodology II 2
MPB BUSS6026 Contemporary Issues in ASEAN 4
MKB MGMT6117 Thesis 6
Sub Total 12
Cumulative 146

                                                                                                                      TOTAL     146


Enrichment Internship Track

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I 16
Industry Experience I 8
EES in Industry I 4
MNC/SME Practice in Industry I 4


Enrichment Entrepreneurship Track

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I 16
Business Start Up 8
Business Model & Validation 2
Launching New Venture 2
EES in New Business 4
Enrichment Program II 16
Growing a Business 8
Lean Startup & Business Plan 2
Venture Capital 2
EES in Business Experience 4

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