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MM in Business Management – Blended Learning

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Master of Management (MM) in Business Management – Blended Learning Program is a Master’s Degree program that offers flexibility with its combination of online and face-to-face methods.

Flexibility for your career development

The innovation and flexibility of our MM in Business Management – Blended Learning Program enables you to study regardless of your location. Combine your study with a full-time career and develop the knowledge and competencies to advance your career.

Teaching and Learning

You will follow the same structured series of courses as the full-time MM in Business Management program and guided by active academics who are also active participants at the forefront of leading national and international companies.

On-line 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
You will have online access to a range of virtual classroom materials and a comprehensive support network. The online interactive learning platform connects you to BBS from wherever you are in the world with full access to the online materials.

On-Campus, Monthly Weekend Sessions

The Saturday-Sunday, on-campus sessions (once per month) will enable you to build relationships with your course colleagues, take exams, and attend special lectures. Each on-campus weekend takes place in the home BBS campus at the center of Jakarta’s business and political district of Senayan.


You will join a learning community in which individual growth is strengthened through collaboration with colleagues nationwide. Create your own national network of aspiring business leaders via your peers and our national corporate connections.

The MM Business Management – Blended Learning is a Master of Management (MM) program designed for fresh graduates (Strata-1 or equivalent) and professionals that are highly mobile with a heavy workload, in which they were constrained by the location of their working area and working hours. This program is designed for those who need to complement their previous undergraduate degree with mastery in general management skills and competencies, with some limitations in terms of location to enrich their education background and inflexible working hours. The program also provides knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship that equips the students to launch their own businesses or become intrapreneurs in established firms.

The MM Business Management – Blended Learning is a 41-credit program consisting of knowledge in functional areas, innovation, entrepreneurship, business research, human capital management, business ethics, and a capstone course in strategic management. Participants are also exposed to courses related to Information Systems (IS) and digital business management. Upon the completion of the study, students are expected to earn knowledge and skills in general management according to the most current conceptual and analytical development in managerial practices. They will also have insights into developing and implementing sustainable customer value. Moreover, they will have soft skills in aligning and balancing the various and often conflicting needs and demands of the many groups of stakeholders in play: shareholders, workers, community, media, government, and the public at large.

BINUS Business School faculty members bring real-world professional and consulting experience to the classroom, consistently imparting and sharing the wisdom of their experience to the participants. They integrate a mix of teaching methodologies including, but not limited to, traditional as well as online lectures, guest lectures, case studies, class and online presentations, summaries, and field projects. The participant will learn to develop critical thinking skills, strong oral and written communication skills, effective team management, and leadership abilities. A faculty advisor will also assist participants in accomplishing their theses.

This program provides a learning environment that offers participants opportunities to develop meaningful and beneficial professional relationships between themselves with the faculty and also encourages intellectual challenge and exploration.

The Program objectives are to provide knowledge and skills in business management, innovation, and entrepreneurship that would equip our Learning Participants to start their own business or becoming intrapreneurs in established firms.

Graduates are expected to gain:

1. Knowledge and skills in general management, with the most current conceptual and analytical developments in management practice.

2. Insights into developing and implementing sustainable customer value.

The Curriculum of Magister Management in Blended Learning is designed to be a focus on general management. The curriculum consists of 24 credits for Program core courses, while another 17 credits for the Magister Management core courses. The study period is three semesters, in which each semester is further divided into two study periods. Nearly 50% of the curriculum was being offered in blended learning mode, making this program to be the first MM Program with blended learning capabilities in Indonesia, and the only MM Program in Blended Learning that also offers AACSB Accreditation. The program consists of 13 courses with an addition to the thesis.

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