BINUS Business School


Supply chain management is integral to the success of any businesses. Innovative supply chain management can be one of competitive advantages for businesses. The MM Supply Chain Management is designed and built to equip individuals to be professionals and executives in supply chain. This program is for fresh graduates as well as people with some background in operation management that are looking to excel in career in the area of supply chain. The courses in this program are of combined conceptual and practical approaches considering the up-to-date technology utilization in operation and supply chain management, such as the one brought by the digital advancement.

Campus: BINUS @Bekasi

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 ENTR8034 Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship 3 15
ACCT8015 Accounting and Financial Management 3
MGMT8056 Leadership and Human Capital Management 2
MKTG8017 Marketing and Digitalization Strategy 2
RSCH8076 Research Methodology 3
BUSS8009 Business Analytics 2
2 RSCH8072 Research Analysis and Publication 2 14
MGMT8076 Introduction to Innovative and Sustainable Operations Management 2
MGMT8077 Smart Manufacturing 2
MGMT8078 Strategic Procurement 3
MGMT8079 Logistic Operations 3
MGMT8067 Digital Supply Chain Management 2
3 BUSS8023 Business Ethics 2 13
MGMT8089 Strategic Management in Business 3
MGMT8080 Quality and Supply Chain Risk Management 2
MGMT8088 Thesis 6