Strategy & Execution

The MM Strategy & Execution in Blended Learning is a Master of Management (MM) program designed for Executives with at least five years of experience in the industry. The program is designed preferably for executives at the level of managers, senior managers or at director level with daily activities engaging in the design and implementation of corporate strategy. The program is also suitable for entrepreneurs as drivers for start-up companies who oversees daily operations and formulate strategies. The program is designed in blended-learning mode to facilitate tight and fixed schedules that are usually experienced by our learning participants. Blended-learning mode allows our learning participants to engage their learning experience at any time and place whenever they are ready.

The MM Strategy Execution in Blended Learning is a 42-credit and 18-month program designed to provide students with the opportunity to study a specific field of strategy and execution. Several contemporary issues such as how to implement disruptive strategy and how to strategize business in the ‘internet of everything’ are also considered in the curriculum. The other main differentiator of this program is the focus on the development of strategic thinking and how that translates into an excellent execution is embedded in the curriculum. Five leading strategic courses, namely: strategic thinking; strategy execution; disruptive strategy; strategy in financial technology; and sustainable business strategy are offered in this program. These courses are similar to those offered in top business schools around the world such as Harvard, INSEAD and Stanford. Throughout the program, students are driven to produce growth-oriented, innovative ideas in most courses offered. Student assumptions and beliefs will be challenged. The practices that they currently accept will be challenged. They will also be exposed to a diverse group of experienced, talented fellow participants from a variety of business industries. This diversity of both students and faculty makes the BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Master Program Strategy Execution in blended learning truly realistic and forward-thinking.

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL faculty members bring real-world professional and consulting experience in the area of strategic management, strategy execution and disruptive strategy to the classroom, consistently imparting and sharing the wisdom of their experience to the participants.  They integrate a mixture of teaching methodologies including, but not limited to, traditional as well as online lectures, guest lectures, case studies, class and online presentations, summaries, and field projects. The participants will learn to develop critical strategy formulation-execution skills, creative thinking skills, strong oral and written communication skills, effective team management, and leadership-strategic thinking abilities. A faculty advisor will also assist the participants in accomplishing their theses.

The MM Strategy and Execution – Blended Learning program consists of the following courses:

Semester Code Course Name SCU Total
1 ENTR8010048 Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship 3 15
ACCT8014048 Accounting and Financial Management 3
MGMT8057048 Leadership and Human Capital Management 2
MKTG8018048 Marketing and Digitalization Strategy 2
RSCH8104048 Research Methodology 3
BUSS8024048 Business Analytics 2
2 RSCH8091048 Research Analysis and Publication 3 15
BUSS8025048 Business Ethics 3
MGMT8058048 Strategic Management in Business 2
MGMT8059048 Leading with Strategic Thinking 2
MGMT8081048 Strategy Execution 3
MGMT8062048 Disruptive Strategy 2
3 FINC8019048 Strategic Financial Technology 3 12
MGMT8060048 Sustainable Business Strategy 3
MGMT8088048 Thesis 6