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Master Program

Customize Your Learning Experience: Multi-Channel, Multi-Program, Multi-Campus

The world has created brand new challenges that we never imagined before. People must adapt to the new competencies to fit into the new business ecosystem. Future skills have to be mastered in this new era.

Moreover, the pandemic has created uncertain situations that have changed our way of life. A new-normal has begun its course. In this critical time, people need more flexibility to choose their learning experiences. This is how our Multi-Channel, Multi-Program, Multi-Campus approach benefits our students.


We have multiple campuses across Jakarta, South Tangerang, and Bekasi with their specific streaming expertise. Students are welcome to choose any streaming based on their interests in any campus wherever their home base is.


Our programs are tailor-made to meet the business world’s needs as well as our students’ passion. Our streaming options offer deeper knowledge and focused skills that can be acquired in the second semester: Creative Marketing, Digital Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, People and Leadership, or Supply Chain.


Learning experiences should be boundless and liberating. That’s why we provide students with the power to choose. They are not bound to the classroom. Students can choose to join the class virtually, meanwhile, at other times, they are still able to physically attend the class in the campus of their choosing.

The Master of Management – Regular class is a 42-credit program consisting of knowledge in functional areas in five streaming which are Creative Marketing, Digital Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, People and Leadership, and Supply Chain Management. Every streaming has considered the existing and near-future competencies needed by the business environment.  All the streaming will help students to focus on developing their core competencies while at the same time they can get the general overview about the need of near future business environment.  The rapid-changing business world requires the business know-how in building business strategy (general management, marketing, finance, operation and people management) with an understanding to optimize resource and technology (Digital business and supply chain management) and by exercising the discipline in customer-centric creativity (Innovation and entrepreneurship).


The Master of Management – Regular class is a Master of Management (MM) program designed for recent graduates (strata-1 or the equivalent) and those with little professional working experience. This program is designed for those who need to complement their previous undergraduate degree with mastery in general management skills and competencies. The program also provides knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship that equip the students to launch their own businesses or become entrepreneurs in established firms.


BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL faculty members bring real-world professional and consulting experience to the classroom, consistently imparting and sharing the wisdom of their experience to the participants. They integrate a mixture of teaching methodologies including, but not limited to, traditional lectures, guest lectures, case studies, class presentations, summaries, and field projects. The participants will learn to develop strong oral and written communication skills, effective team management, and leadership abilities. A faculty advisor will also assist the participants in accomplishing their theses.

This program provides a learning environment that offers the participants opportunities to develop meaningful and beneficial professional relationships between themselves and with the faculty, and also encourages intellectual challenges and exploration.

At the end of the program, students are required to write a thesis and publish a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal as the assessment of students’ comprehensive understanding of the business strategy concepts learned in the program.


Upon the completion of their study, the students are expected to earn knowledge and skills in general management according to the most current conceptual and analytical developments in managerial practices. They will also have insights into developing and implementing sustainable customer value. Moreover, they will have soft skills in aligning and balancing the various and often conflicting needs and demands of the many groups of stakeholders in play: shareholders, workers, the community, the media, the government, and the public at large.

Master of Management (MM) program designed for fresh graduates (Strata-1 or equivalent) and professionals that are highly mobile with a heavy workload, in which they were constrained by the location of their working area and working hours:

Master of Management (MM) program tailored for professionals and/or executives: