BINUS Business School


Under MM Digital Business, students will learn how digital technology transforms organizational strategies, processes, and technology in each business function. With immersive and experiential study sessions, this program will equip students with the knowledge about digital business concepts and therefore provide an understanding of how each business function is now facing a paradigm shift following the digital disruption. Along the learning journey, students will apply the knowledge they have to assess strategic opportunities and challenges brought by existing and new digital capabilities. This program not only builds students’ ability to handle technological issues in business to allow them to provide innovative solutions surrounding information system development and IT implementation projects, but also strengthens the ability to cope with the non-technical issues in the digital transformation processes.

Campus: BINUS @Senayan

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 ENTR8034 Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship 3 15
ACCT8015 Accounting and Financial Management 3
MGMT8056 Leadership and Human Capital Management 2
MKTG8017 Marketing and Digitalization Strategy 2
RSCH8076 Research Methodology 3
BUSS8009 Business Analytics 2
2 RSCH8072 Research Analysis and Publication 2 16
MGMT8048 Digital Business Management 3
FINC8018 Digital Finance and Financial Technology 3
MKTG8025 Digital Marketing and Analytics 3
MGMT8069 Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation 3
MGMT8070 IT Infrastructure and Project Management 2
3 BUSS8023 Business Ethics 2 11
MGMT8089 Strategic Management in Business 3
MGMT8088 Thesis 6