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Mini MBA


Have you ever feel exhausted in keeping up with today’s competitive environment while still need to juggle with your daily routine?

Our Mini MBA Program prepares you to become a better executive who is ready to bring current strategies to a higher level and transforms you to become an effective and stress free professional.

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Building Your Fundamental Competencies

You will be exposed to competencies essential for business success:

  • Comprehending business acumen
  • Ensuring business sustainability
  • Formulating winning strategy in digital era
  • Leading strategy execution

The competencies will be translated into relevant course.

Opening New Horizon

Theories and models that guided decision making in the past no longer seem to provide leaders with all the answers.

The Mini MBA Program encourages you to think systemically, calling into traditional thought processes and exploring business challenges from new horizon points.

People, Innovation, Excellence

The Mini MBA Program commits to delivering excellence in learning by creating high impact applied knowledge, performing outstanding leadership and gaining competitive advantage through innovation.

Making Impact

Revealed once you return to work and begin applying what you learned in the classroom.


  • Compact class intensive learning  with certificate
  • Convenient city campus in central Jakarta
  • Facilitators with global and executive experience
  • Reputable executive education provider
  • Hands-on with case studies, workshops & final project
  • Strong networking

Schedule and Courses

  • Marketing Management (3 – 5 April 2018)
  • Financial Management (10 – 12 April 2018)
  • Operations and Project Execution (17 – 19 April 2018)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (24 – 26 April 2018)
  • Human Capital Management (2 – 4 May 2018)
  • Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage (7 – 9 May 2018)

(Tuesday – Thursday, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, at BINUS JWC Senayan)

Exam dates:

  • Marketing Management (TBA)
  • Financial Management (TBA)
  • Operations and Project Execution (TBA)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (TBA)
  • Human Capital Management (TBA)
  • Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage (TBA)

Course Description

Marketing Management

The purpose of this course is to develop knowledge and skills in the managerial aspects of marketing. The course provides an understanding of marketing as the basis for general management decision-making and as a framework for analyzing business situations.

It aims to expose students to the basic concepts, tools and techniques in marketing and provide them opportunities to apply these in problem solving and decision-making in the area of marketing. The course will largely focus on the activities of a marketing manager operating within an individual company.

Financial Management

The purpose of the course is to develop participantability in analyzing and evaluating Financial Management related areas. The course covers the following topics: Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Decision Rules and Selecting Projects, as well as Differential Analysis and Capital Budgeting.

These topics will be deeply discussed both in understanding and in applying the concepts. The Four Financial Statements will be the sources of analysis in the course. Time Value of Money, Net Present Value, Pay Back Period, and Internal Rate of Return will be covered in this course.  Managerial Decision activities will be discussed as well.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Analyze and Evaluate Company or Project Performance
  2. Evaluate and Select Business or Project Proposals
  3. Make Managerial Decisions, such as make or buy decisions, do special orders, process further decisions, etc.
  4. Evaluate Capital Budgeting activities

Operations and Project Execution

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that supply, create, and deliver the company’s primary products and services.

In an automobile company, for example, materials from suppliers and labor are transformed by manufacturing operations into cars. In a hospital, nurses and doctors use medicines, care, and equipment to help sick patients become healthy. In a bank, staff members use computers and human resources to manage the flow of money among accounts and provide customers with statements and other banking services.

Most people either work in the OSCM function of the company or collaborate with people in the OSCM function during their careers. Thus, it is vital for them to have a basic knowledge of OSCM and to understand how the OSCM function interacts with other functions in a company.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This course will discuss what are the entrepreneurial mindsets & characters and how they can be applied in the context of business owner or professional.

The course will also talk about innovation as the engine of entrepreneurships including the tools to generate innovative business ideas and to justify the business-sense of the ideas.

The tools to generate innovate business solutions/ideas are Design Thinking — adopted from Stanford University and implemented in Binus Business School since 2010 – while to justify the ideas business-sense is Business Model Canvas.

During the course, we will not only learn but also apply the concept and tools to solve problems innovatively or generate new business ideas.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is responsible for attracting, recruiting, selecting, training, assessing, and compensating employees while ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws. However, more recently Human Capital Management has also become involved in succession planning, business continuity planning, workforce diversity, labor relations, as well as various aspects related to mergers and acquisitions. This course will discuss how to expand the participants’ paradigm in Human Capital Management.

Through a combination of various methodologies, this course expects participants to be active and combine the new knowledge with their acquired knowledge and past experiences. Course activities are comprised of lecturing, discussions, brainstorming, and role playing.

Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage

This course will discuss the essentials of strategic management and provide what managers should master in building competitive advantage.

We will introduce a simple Strategic Management Process supported by widely used tools in management practices, such as VRIO Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain, Business Model Canvas, and Blue Ocean Strategy.

This highly practical, hands-on course uses a blend of relevant Indonesia and global case studies infused with current strategic management techniques, and group discussion, and workshop.

Delivery Methods

The course will be delivered through:

  • Interactive lecturing
  • Sharing and group discussions
  • Group and individual exercises
  • Group and individual role plays

Final Project (TBA)

Course Fee

Rp15.400.000 per person
Include: training kit, parking, meals, certificate.

Special Offers:

  • BINUSIAN Discount 15% off (student and alumnae S1, S2, S3 Program and Executive Education).
  • Corporate Rate is available.
  • Promo installment 0% for Credit Card:

BCA : 3 installment
CIMB Niaga : 6 installment
BNI : 9 installment

How to Register?

Download registration form here.
Send to (subject: Registration Mini MBA).
Deadline Registration & payment TBA.

Contact: +62 21 720 3333, ext. 3164 or email:

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