BINUS Business School

Welcome from Executive Director

It is my great honor to welcome you to BINUS Business School. At BINUS Business School (BBS), we offer diverse and relevant programs that cater to your specific needs whether these are career advancements, changes in career direction, personal development, or research opportunities.


One of our objectives is to produce skilled and innovative students who will be highly-prized in their respective industries and professions. Thus, we carefully design our curricula based on industry requirements and inputs, and apply these to program elements, from term projects to final, field-based projects where general assumptions and beliefs are tested. Current practices are challenged and improved. You will learn that it is fun, rewarding and personally satisfying when you innovate something for use by a business community. Yes indeed, innovation starts with “I”.

Corporate Connections

BBS has long-standing links with local and international organizations, both private and public. These relationships provide the real-world projects and examples used in our programs. These are open opportunities for students to develop their personal connections.

We have developed local case studies in cooperation with companies such as Medco Energi, Blue Bird, Martina Berto, Pamapersada, Daihatsu and many more. These case studies, along with Harvard and other international cases, provide our students with a wide spectrum of materials for class discussions.

BBS routinely invites CEOs to share their wisdom on leadership and growth. Our students are encouraged to attend events, where they can interact with industry professionals.

Finally, I must admit that taking on a business study program requires serious commitment. I urge you to make the right decisions that can only benefit your professional and personal life.