BINUS Business School

Using Audit Software in Financial Audit

The use of generalized audit software (GAS) is increasing following the increasing application of information systems in companies. This condition has resulted in an audit trail that is no longer in a paper form. The paperless audit trail requires auditors to use appropriate audit techniques to conduct the audit process. To accommodate this challenge, auditors need to equip themselves with relevant skills, such as the use of GAS to analyze financial data.

Experience & impact:

  • Performing a data analysis operation using features of generalized audit software (GAS).
  • Identifying audit objectives and internal control issues in relation to the business processes cycle (revenue cycle and expenditure cycle).
  • Performing a test of controls, substantive tests, and analytical procedures in relation to business processes cycles (revenue and expenditure cycle).
  • Analyzing the results of the audit tests produced by GAS.

Session topics:

  • Overview of Generalized Audit Software (GAS)
  • Planning the Project and Acquiring the Data
  • Understanding and Access the Data
  • Analyzing the Data
  • Auditing the Revenue Cycle
  • Auditing the Expenditure Cycle