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Systems & Innovative Thinking For Banking and Financial Industry

Course Description

Thinking in systems is important for business. The ability to view a business from holistic perspective helps many executives to identify problems correctly and apply appropriate interventions to ensure that the organizations perform effectively. Thinking in systems allows business executives to quickly identify what are the weakest link in a system and apply solutions to improve the performance of the organization. Combined with innovative approaches, business executives will be able to offer sustainable and competitive solutions that are required for a business to grow in a competitive environment.

Unfortunately, many of us are still lacking the capability to think in systems. We tend to unpack problems via traditional approaches, such as via causal thinking, and therefore we tend to see problems in partial manner. As a result, our thinking process does not lead to effective solutions that we aspire.

This course aims to introduce and to help AVPs (assistant vice presidents) in banking and financial industry to use systems thinking in their day to day work.


  • Introduction to Thinking
  • Exploration of the “Traditional” Thinking Methods: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Systems Thinking
  • Introduction to Causal-loop Diagram
  • Using Causal-loop Tool
  • Presenting Causal-loop Diagram and Discussion
  • Systems Thinking and Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking for Innovative Solutions

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, student will be able to:

  • LO 1: Understand the different thinking processes, such as “traditional”, systems, and design thinking processes
  • LO 2: Apply tools required to conduct systems and design thinking
  • LO 3: Analyse different parts of a system and explain how they are connected

Teaching And Learning Strategies

The workshop will use interactive method, such as participant-centered learning and group works, to enhance the learning and the experience of the participants in embracing systems thinking approach. The use of cases and examples will be specifically adjusted to the banking and financial industry.


Day Session Related LO Topics Explanation Methodology
1 1 LO1 Topic 1:

·         Introduction to Thinking

This session will introduce participants to the importance of thinking in business.  The discussion will include, among others, the history of thinking, how thinking has been done in business, the importance of thinking, etc. ·       Lecture, Sharing
2 LO1 Topic 2:

·         Exploration of the “Traditional” Thinking Methods: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This session will invite participants to experience a journey of “thinking” in business.  Using examples and cases, the participants will be able to compare and to contrasts various traditional thinking methods, such as causal thinking, critical thinking, lateral thinking, etc. ·       Sharing, Case Workshop
3 LO1, LO3 Topic 3:

·           Systems Thinking

This session will introduce participants to the basics of systems thinking.  Participants will discuss the building blocks of systems thinking, including its recent development ·         Lecture, Sharing
4 LO1,LO2,LO3 Topic 4:

•     Introduction to Causal-Loop Diagram


This session will invite participants to understand the basics of the most popular tool in systems thinking: causal-loop diagram. ·         Lecture, Workshop
2 5 LO2, LO3 Topic 5:

•       Using Causal-Loop Tool to Analyze Banking and Financial Industry Issues

In this session, participants will experience developing and using causal-loop diagram to analyse systems in their respective industry.  Participants will learn to identify the feedback loops and to propose solutions in improving the system. ·         Workshop, Group Discussion
6 LO2, LO3 Topic 6:

•     Presenting the Causal-Loop Diagram and Discussion

This session will allow participants to share their discussion and their group analysis of a system using causal-loop diagram ·         Presentation, Discussion
7 LO1 Topic 7:

•  Systems Thinking and Design Thinking


In this session, participants will be invited to connect systems thinking to a recent trend in “thinking”: design thinking.  Using design thinking will allow participants to come up more innovative solutions ·         Lecture, Workshop
8 LO1 Topic 8:

• Design Thinking for Innovative Solutions


At this closing session, participants will experience design thinking process to produce innovative solutions ·         Workshop, Presentation


Segmented Level

This workshop is designed for AVP (Assistant Vice Presidents) who have at least 5-7 years of working experience in the banking and finance industry.

Course Schedule
Wednesday – Thursday
12 – 13 September 2018
9 AM – 5 PM

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL – Executive Education
Jl. Hang Lekir 1 No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta


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