BINUS Business School

Restructuring Strategies for Distressed Companies

This program will help managers and business people prepare themselves and their businesses to adapt to such changes and react accordingly. Participants will be trained to have an acute business sense and reevaluate the important competencies that one’s company needs to survive. Also, the most important aspect is to improve one’s skills in developing a competitive advantage and ride the waves of a challenging economy.

Experience & impact:

  • To learn about evaluating the internal conditions of a firm
  • To become skilled in evaluating the external conditions of a firm
  • To discover the causes of financial decline
  • To fathom the strategies in dealing with a recessive economy
  • To analyze cases in a financially distressed company
  • To be practically engaged in a generic formulation-implementation strategy for a company in crisis

Session topics:

  • Introduction to a Company in Distress
  • Analysis of Internal Conditions
  • Analysis of the External Environment
  • Major Causes of Decline
  • Strategy Formulation in a Financially Distressed Company
  • Implementation & Roadmap in Revitalizing a Business
  • Case Study Analysis