Restructuring Corporate Risk Management

Corporate risks vary in type. Operational risk, strategic, financial and overall corporate risks are the risks often faced by corporations at the time of restructuring. A leader and manager of the company will be dealing simultaneously with corporate performance and risk simultaneously. Strategies and tips need to be ruled upon by a leader and a manager in managing a sustainable multidimensional process.

Experience & impact:

  • Understanding the individual things that relate to the performance of the company.
  • Understanding risk exposure and restructuring of a company.
  • Understanding how to build strategy tips to ensure a satisfactory ’trade-off’ between the performance and risk of the company.
  • Build a structure that is practically applicable to continue in touching up growth in performance while maintaining the level of corporate risks within safe limits during the company’s restructuring.

Session topics:

  • Corporate Performance
  • Risk & Corporate Restructuring
  • Performance & Risk
  • CEOs, CFOs & CROs
  • Performance Acceleration & Corporate Restructuring
  • Asset Based Financial Engineering
  • Minimal Risk Exposure & Corporate Restructuring