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Repack Your Presentation


  1. Course Description

“Presentations are failed presentations”. This statement was issued by Guy Kawasaki in 2005. He noted that since that most presentation training focuses on “how” rather than what words and why and this affect the people’s understanding on presentation technique or method. This course is designed to help trainees gain different knowledge and experience in presentations, especially when having a presentation in front of the public. This training program uses a more systematic approach, which focuses on two things, 1) presentation material, 2) delivery in public. In the presentation material, participants will be given knowledge and experience on how to structure ideas, facts and data into a logical and convincing story using a narrative structure.

This two-day training is divided into two major topics, 1) the first day will focus on storytelling, 2) the second day will focus on presentation skills. What makes this training different from the existing training, because on the first day participants will learn to defragmenter the way of thinking, so that philosophically understand the material to be presented as well as do the simulation using case examples of things that are always considered difficult when must be presented. While on the second day, continuing from the first day of the participants will be introduced and even simulate presentation methods from conventional methods to contemporary or current methods.

2. Topics

  • Setting up presentation goals
  • Gaining Audience Interest
  • Elaborate Evidence to Story
  • Symbols in Stories
  • Words that speaksClosing Ideas Loop that Matters to Audience


  1. Learning Outcome

Through this training, participants will

  • Able to make narratives or stories that have the right meaning for business / organizational needs
  • Able to determine relevant sources for use
  • Able to practice narration in front of audience
  • Able to create public understanding based on the narrative delivered


  1. Teaching And Learning Strategies
    The workshop will use interactive method, such as role-play and group discussion.
  1. Course Schedule

Tuesday – Wednesday
13 – 14 November 2018
07.00 –  18.00

  1. Location
    BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL – Executive Education
    Hang Lekir 1 No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta
  1. Price
    Rp 4.500.000,-

    • Corporate Rate 7%
    • Binusian Discount 7%
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