BINUS Business School

NVivo Software for a Qualitative Data Analysis

One of the driving influences behind improving the quality of education across Indonesia’s schools and higher education institutions is Dr. Agustinus Bandur. A senior lecturer and strategic research & partnership leader at BINUS University in Jakarta, Dr. Bandur has spent more than 15 years researching how to improve leadership and management in education across Indonesia.

In 2002, Dr. Bandur began using NVivo, which is software designed to support a qualitative data analysis. Since then, Dr. Bandur has relied on it almost every day for his research needs, from conducting literature reviews to a content analysis of various sources, thematic and cross-case analyses, as well as mixed-methods research. He also uses NVivo to ensure his articles and books are based on authentic, evidence-based data.

Experience & Impact:

NVivo is the number one software chosen by academics around the world for presenting the most robust, defensible findings from qualitative research.

According to Dr. Bandur, NVivo saves him significant time and effort, particularly with queries for a content analysis, a cluster analysis, and visualizing themes, as well as with transcribing data.