BINUS Business School

IPO (Initial Public Offering) and Fund Raising

Companies are faced with many choices to grow and have high competitiveness. Challenges to obtain sustainable financing to support the company’s growth increase.

An Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.) is the first step that should be considered in getting funding. Funding will be needed on an ongoing basis by the company to increase the speed of growth. Rapid growth of the company and quality will provide benefits for all stakeholders.

Experience & Impact:

  • Gain knowledge about the Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.) and be able to measure the implementation.
  • Gain knowledge about the continued funding and benefits for the accelerated growth of the company.
  • Gain knowledge about possibilities to implement the Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.) for subsidiaries.
  • Gain knowledge of implementation procedures needed to increase the value of the company quickly and steadily.
  • Gain knowledge and implementation strategies as well as practical applications of the subject Applied Financial Engineering.

Session Topics:

  • Competitiveness of Company Improvement
  • Acceleration of Company Growth
  • Fund Raising
  • Technical I.P.O (1)
  • Technical I.P.O (2)
  • Capital Markets
  • Technical I.P.O (3)
  • Applied Financial Engineering