BINUS Business School

Green Marketing Strategy

This course will integrate the issue of sustainability in a marketing strategy. Well-known as a green marketing strategy, the inclusion of sustainability issues, which might consist of the environment, the society, and the economy in devising a strategy, it has been identified as a source of competitive advantage. If your organization has not included “green marketing” in your marketing strategy, this course will help you identify and prioritize the key sustainability issues as well as build a green marketing strategy that may help you build a unique value proposition in the market. A green marketing strategy will be delivered as a case study based course. The participants will learn the key success factors in establishing green marketing.

Experience & impact:

The course endeavors to help the participants understand about sustainability and marketing, develop green marketing opportunities, as well as devise green marketing standards and strategies.

Session topics:

This two-day course will be divided into a theoretical discussion on the first day and a case study discussion on the second day. By doing this, the participants can quickly comprehend the concept and its implementation in practice.