BINUS Business School

Financial Management in the New Era

As financial management of the company advances rapidly, progress is the key to competitiveness is the business world. The company needs high competitiveness in improving profitability. The modernization of the financial management of the company is expected to be carried out carefully in order to improve their competitiveness.

Experience & Impact:

  • Increase the understanding of the important issues in corporate financial management.
  • To think in a broader context concerning various aspects of corporate financial management.
  • Can attempt to make every effort to solve the financial problems of existing companies.
  • Participate in a variety of capital improvement programs of companies including I.P.O.
  • Can come to understand the development of the company in a sustainable manner by taking into account the company’s financial health.
  • Participate in the development of thinking and acting on the development of the competitiveness of enterprises.
  • Participate to discuss the company’s progress by considering aspects of the globalization of companies and have a deep appreciation for the development of the company’s equity.
  • Participate to think about company development with a focus on increasing profitability in a dynamic and stable company.
  • Provide constructive suggestions in establishing company tactics strategy focused on the efforts to make the company a world class company.

Session Topics:

  • Strategy & Tactics Advancing Modern Company.
  • Improving the Competitiveness of Company Sustainability.
  • Strategic Company Financial Performance Analysis
  • Contemporary Corporate Financial Management.
  • Global Financial Management of a Modern Company.
  • Sustainable Corporate Value Improvement.
  • P.O. & Company Capital Improvement.
  • Dynamic Improvement & Stabilization Profitability of the Company.