BINUS Business School

Driving Corporate Performance: Aligning Strategy and Scorecards for Strategy Execution

Our research has revealed that strategy execution is more challenging, especially in Indonesian companies. As global competition intensifies, leading companies are reassessing their organizational practices as well as realigning systems and structures with strategic goals to ensure effective strategy execution.

This program explores how to compete more successfully by implementing appropriate balanced scorecards as powerful management control systems. With a deeper understanding of aligning between strategy mapping and strategic objectives, companies are expected to perform successfully in the ever-changing market and drive corporate performance.

Experience and impact:

Driving corporate performance helps senior general managers, planning and financial executives, and chief operating officers motivate, measure, and actively manage organizational performance. Focused on the integration of strategies, structures, and systems, the HBS faculty draws on its latest research and extensive expertise in how to design, motivate, and lead a successful and scalable organization. You will emerge with a balanced scorecard (BSC) strategy map that describes, communicates, and drives your strategies for value creation and growth.

Session topics:

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Maps

  • Defining and measuring your differentiated value proposition for targeted customer segments
  • Understanding the principles behind a strategy-focused organization
  • Designing a measurable cause-and-effect framework for articulating value-creating strategies
  • Creating a blueprint to align people, processes, and information technology for superior performance

Alignment of Intangible Assets with Strategies

  • Linking the organization’s intangible assets to sustain a competitive advantage
  • Applying BSC tools to measure these assets and their contributions for a successful strategy execution
  • Aligning internal capabilities, processes, and actions with strategies to maximize customer satisfaction

Harvard Strategy Simulation: The Balanced Scorecard