BINUS Business School

Corporate Finance for Product & Market Development

With development, products and markets can be pursued through organic growth or inorganic growth. Everything will bring different consequences for the funding pattern of the company.

Experience & Impact:

  • Understand the different patterns of product and market development.
  • Understand the different patterns of development of the company.
  • To pursue a strategy and tactic for funding the company with a variety of existing patterns.
  • Understand and implement procedures and practical application of the activities related to the efforts of the company’s growth, both organic and inorganic.
  • To integrate a variety of strategies and tactics companies with the main objective of improvement of Bottom Line Profit for companies as well as master the mechanisms of synergy of the circuit Product-Market-Profit.

Session Topics:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Product & Market
  • Business Expansion
  • M & A
  • Funding Patterns
  • Value Chain
  • Bottom Line Profit
  • Product-Market-Profit