BINUS Business School

Building Organization Creative Confidence Through Design Thinking

This course will discuss how a leader is able to develop organizational creative confidence which has become the engine of sustainable competitive advantage. Organizational creative confidence will be developed through a creative problem solving tool called ‘design thinking’ adopted from Stanford University and implemented in BINUS Business School since 2010. We will also use Business Model Canvas tools to justify the innovative ideas generated by design thinking. During the course, we will not only learn but also apply the concept and tools to solve problems innovatively or generate new business ideas.

Experience & Impact:

  • Explain government, business and social organization who have high creative confidence and how it relates to their performance
  • Apply an innovation tool called Design Thinking to solve problems innovatively and generate new business ideas
  • Apply Business Model Canvas tools to ensure that business ideas make sense and have potential to become profitable

Session Topics:

  • Organizational creative confidence
  • Design Thinking & Business Model Canvas
  • Create your own startup business
  • Justify innovative ideas from a business perspective