BINUS Business School

Introduction to Business for High School Students


BINUS University’s @Bandung Creativepreneurship Program, provides an excellent opportunity for high school students in Bandung to learn about entrepreneurship through community service on September, 9th, 2022. The program recognizes the importance of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset early on, especially considering the intensifying competition in the business world. Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a company; it involves developing self-reliance, creativity, and the ability to identify potential opportunities. This is why it is crucial to introduce high school students to business fundamentals, which can help them understand key business objectives and identify opportunities for growth.

Business skills and knowledge are essential not just for financial gain, but also for the development of bravery, ingenuity, and strategic thinking. A more significant concentration of business professionals in a country leads to a more developed economy and greater job prospects for everyone. Therefore, it is crucial for all individuals to possess commercial acumen and expertise.

The program’s activities begin with school visits, where instructors engage students by asking thought-provoking questions and fostering an interactive learning environment. During these visits, students learn about business and its purpose, sustainable business practices, and discuss sustainable business ideas in groups. At the end of this program, we conduct a real business practice simulation where students are required to make their products in real life (prototyping) and bring them to class. Each group must explain the business concept they formed, the prototype they brought, how it is sold and produced and how their business is able to contribute to the environment and society. The other students must provide comments, evaluate their friends’ business ideas, and decide whether to buy the product or not. At the end of the session, each group must calculate the amount of income for the day and the group that earns the most “money” is considered the winner.

Benefits for Students


  • Increased Business Knowledge and Skills: Students increasingly feel empowered because they gain new knowledge and skills that can be put into practice directly in everyday life.
  • Increased Self-confidence and Teamwork: This program makes students more confident in themselves and the business ideas they form while improving their ability to work together in teams.
  • Improved Creativity and Leadership Skill: Through this activity, students are required to be more creative and dare to lead and speak in front of the class. This skill is needed not only at school but for their future lives.

Benefits for School

  • Enriched the Current Curriculum: Through this program, the school curriculum becomes more varied and complements knowledge from lessons in class.
  • Strengthening collaborative ties with academic institutions: This program has the potential to foster stronger relationships among academic institutions, which can naturally

    be incorporated into school portfolios.

This initiative to collaborate with schools is not just focused on each institution’s individual goals. Increasing business growth rates is the program’s main objective. Aside from that, it is also intended that by participating in this program, aspiring business owners will start to worry about social and environmental issues in addition to financial gains when operating their companies.