BINUS Business School

Entrepreneurship Training: How to Create a Business Plan for Millennial Farmers Across West Java

Author/Contributor: Dr. Dimas Yudistira Nugraha

Millennial farmers face significant challenges regarding their understanding of crafting business proposals. One prominent issue is their limited exposure to formal business education and training. Many millennial farmers have primarily acquired practical agricultural skills, but lack the necessary knowledge and expertise in business management and proposal writing. As a result, they often struggle to articulate their business ideas coherently and comprehensively in a proposal format. Moreover, the complexity of business proposal components such as market analysis, product analysis, financial projections, and risk assessment can be overwhelming for millennial farmers with limited educational backgrounds in business-related disciplines. They may find it difficult to conduct thorough market research, assess their products’ competitive advantages, project financial performance, and identify potential risks and mitigation strategies. Additionally, the lack of access to resources and guidance exacerbates the problem.

Millennial farmers, particularly those operating in rural areas, may have limited access to educational institutions, business support services, and mentorship programs that could assist them in developing their business proposal writing skills. Without proper guidance and resources, they may struggle to improve their proficiency in this crucial aspect of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, cultural and generational factors may also play a role in hindering millennial farmers’ willingness to seek help or invest time in learning about business proposal writing. Traditional farming communities may prioritize practical skills over business acumen, leading to a lack of awareness or interest in formal business practices among millennial farmers.

Aligned with the aforementioned context, the Department of Cooperatives and MSMEs of West Java was organizing a training program tailored for millennial farmers aiming to expand their agricultural businesses. The training, titled ” Entrepreneurship Training: How to Create a  Business Plan for Millennial Farmers Across West Java,” was scheduled for March 3, 2023, from 08:00 to 17:45.

Dr. Dimas Yudistira Nugraha (Faculty Member of BINUS Business School) was a speaker at this event, representing academia, specifically Binus University. The training targets millennial farmers who were also entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector and fall under the MSME category. Despite their entrepreneurial endeavours, they lacked a comprehensive understanding of how to formulate effective business proposals. This training attended by 25 millennial farmers from various regions across West Java.

Many of these MSMEs lacked proficiency in crafting effective business proposals, as their focus tends to revolve solely around product quality. Consequently, they struggle with managing their businesses effectively. By mastering the art of business proposal formulation, these entrepreneurs can map out their businesses’ trajectories for the next 1-5 years. Moreover, such proposals serve as valuable tools for attracting potential investors, thereby fostering business growth and sustainability.

This training initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of MSMEs in West Java but also aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4: Quality Education. By providing these entrepreneurs with essential business skills and knowledge, the training contributes to enhancing the quality of education within the community, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and pursue sustainable economic opportunities.