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Enhancing MSME Empowerment Through Technology Adoption: a University- Industry Partnership

In a strategic collaboration merging academia with industry, BINUS University collaboration with initiative a community service to assist Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Bandung city and district on 5th, September 2023. This project helps small fashion businesses by providing digital simulations and personalized coaching. These resources can help them improve their business practices and increase their success.

The Partnership for Knowledge Sharing is a program where universities use their scientific, technological, and expert resources to help small businesses, especially those in the fashion creative industry. The program uses digital business simulations and personalized mentoring to help these businesses. A digital application provides business owners with a visual dashboard that shows the competition in the market based on specific product features. This tool, called a Decision Support System (DSS), gives small business owners the information they need to make good decisions.

The project’s goal is to empower MSME partners in a progressively competitive business landscape. Web services like Populix, SurveyMonkey, and YouGov have become indispensable tools for conducting market research in Indonesia. These platforms streamline data collection and translate raw data into visually compelling formats tailored to businesses’ needs. Leveraging web services for market research offers numerous advantages, including shortened project timelines due to automatic data collection and eliminating the wait for paper questionnaire returns. Furthermore, costs are reduced by cutting postage expenses and eliminating manual data entry, with responses processed automatically for real-time access to results. Additionally, web services provide an opportunity to boost brand visibility and reinforce the benefits offered.

The team from Bina Nusantara University has embarked on a mission to tackle the complexities of buying and selling within the Indonesian MSMEs sector. Their goal is to decipher the adaptive and competitive product attributes that resonate with consumer behavior and influence purchasing decisions. As part of the Community Development program, this initiative develops a Business Simulation tool titled “Know the Advantages of Your Product Attributes.” This innovative application generates a visual dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of competitive dynamics based on specific product attributes. Essentially functioning as a Decision Support System (DSS), it aims to empower decision-makers within the MSME landscape. This cutting-edge application was implemented through a strategic partnership with Binus University’s collaborator, This dynamic enterprise, specializing in e-commerce-based trading and based in Bandung Regency, West Java, is an ideal platform for deploying this transformative solution.

In conclusion, this community service initiative, anchored in the Partnership for Knowledge Sharing, seamlessly integrates academia’s expertise and technological advancements with Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) aspirations in Bandung. The initiative focuses on economically vital micro-businesses, particularly in the fashion creative industry, acknowledging their pivotal role in the local economy. The project aims to spark innovation and enhance decision-making among MSME partners through digital business simulations, mentorship, and a Decision Support System (DSS). Beyond business growth, it serves as an educational cornerstone, enriching students and educators alike. This partnership underscores universities’ crucial role in fostering MSME innovation and competitiveness, shaping a future of empowerment and inspiration.

Nugroho J Setiadi