BINUS Business School

Carrier Opportunity in Digital Era

On the 20th of July 2023, BINUS University Bandung organized a community service that aimed to enlighten and inspire high school students about the vast opportunities presented by the digital era. The initiative focused on digital innovation, entrepreneurship, and the transformative power of technology to prepare the younger generation for the future. The aim was to encourage these young minds to envision themselves as pioneers of digital change.

Why the Digital Era Matters?

The digital era is more than just an age of technological advancement; it represents a period where information becomes the currency of development, and digital competencies are critical for success. The initiative was designed to showcase the importance of embracing digital skills, the spirit of entrepreneurship in the tech domain, and the leadership qualities necessary to navigate this new era. We emphasized how digital technology is reshaping the fabric of our society and economy, presenting new challenges and opportunities alike.

The community service began with interactive sessions at local high schools, where anticipation and eagerness filled the room. Dr. Mulyani said “we introduced the students to the concepts of the digital era, entrepreneurship, and the significance of data analytics and leadership in this context. Our discussions covered everything from understanding the digital era to exploring digital opportunities, inspirational stories of digital pioneers, and interactive workshops on digital skills. We didn’t stop at just discussions; we delved deeper with hands-on activities focusing on ideation and innovation in the digital world, critical thinking, and problem-solving”

The initiative had numerous benefits for students and schools alike. Students gained valuable insights into the digital era, learning about the importance of data analytics, digital marketing strategies, and the entrepreneurial mindset needed to thrive. The program inspired students to see themselves as future digital innovators and entrepreneurs, empowering them with the confidence to explore and innovate. The sessions complemented the schools’ existing curricula, enriching the educational experience and sparking interest in digital entrepreneurship and innovation among students and teachers alike.

In conclusion, the community service initiative was a catalyst for change. By demystifying the digital era and showcasing the boundless opportunities it offers, we planted the seeds of curiosity and ambition in the minds of future innovators. As we concluded our sessions, it was clear that we had not only informed but also inspired a new generation ready to navigate and shape the digital future.


Mulyani Karmagatri