BINUS Business School

Business Future Skills for Junior High School

On Friday, March 30, 2023, a seminar entitled “Business Future Skills for Junior High Schools” was held which combined online formats via Zoom and offline at SMPN 35 Bandung. This event was attended by 36 participants consisting of students and several related parties. The main aim of this activity is to provide participants, especially students, with an understanding of important concepts in the business world of the future and the skills needed to face these changes.

In analysing the situation, rapid technological developments require adjustments in the business world. The need for entrepreneurs is increasing, so entrepreneurship education is crucial. There needs to be an integration of entrepreneurship in the education curriculum so that students can be equipped with relevant knowledge and skills from an early age. This will help create a generation that is ready to face changes in the business world.

One of the problems faced by partners is students’ lack of understanding of the future skills needed in the business world. Skills such as critical thinking, communication, and creativity are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, this seminar is an important first step to provide students with knowledge and insight regarding the skills needed in the future.

Based on the World Economic Forum, there are 10 skills that are considered important in the future. On this occasion, participants were encouraged to better understand these skills, supported by knowledge of examples of technological developments and the business world that are relevant today. Apart from that, there are practical tips for students to prepare themselves to face future challenges. The aim is for students to be better prepared to face an increasingly complex and rapidly changing business world.

The young generation is the motor in growing innovation and the economy. Therefore, preparing entrepreneurs from an early age is important. By introducing it from the start, it will open opportunities for them to develop creative ideas, solve problems, and become strong leaders in the future. With good entrepreneurship education, we not only prepare individuals for personal success, but also build a strong foundation for a country’s economic and social progress.


Puji Prabowo, S.T., M.A.B