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Figure 1. The condition of SMEs and Parks before they are laid out.


On November 2023, Faculty members of BINUS University @Bandung are revitalising Batununggal Village City Park. Batununggal Village City Park, Bandung City, is one of the parks that the Bandung City Government built. This park is very strategic in the South Bandung area. Currently, several SMEs are around the park, such as Fried Rice UKM, grocery stores, Meatball Makers, Barbershops, Car/Motorcycle Workshops, and others. The problem is that some facilities in the park, such as benches made of walls, are no longer suitable for use, lights in the park do not work, and some park benches are not feasible, such as used toilets used as flower pots and litter.

Not far from the park and along Jl. Batununggal, there are garbage dumps and rivers, so there are residents who throw their garbage other than in the trash can. Also around the park, there is the former toilet seat that was used as a flower pot. However, it was not appropriate because it looked out of place, so we arranged it by making a trash can that was in accordance with the park

Figure 2. Garden Condition after Laid Out

In figure 2. The condition of the park after being arranged and installed tables and chairs, as well as cleaning up garbage and inappropriate equipment around the city park, so that traders around the city park can take advantage of these facilities and hopefully visitors can enjoy food and drinks more comfortable, clean, so that places in the park around the city park can be enjoyed by visitors happily inviting friends,    family to visit city parks while enjoying MSME products.


Figure 3. Mural: “Let’s Sort Garbage in an Orderly Manner”.

The arrangement of Batununggal Village City Park began to be arranged by adding several chairs and tables for park visitors, and by making murals the atmosphere of the park will be more lively with colorful writing with the message “Let’s Sort Waste Orderly”, so it is expected that MSME brands around the Park will increase in sales. because visitors are more comfortable enjoying MSME products.


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