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4 Reasons Why Taking a Business Major is a Smart Choice

The Business Department is one of the college majors with very promising career prospects. It is not surprising that this major is the choice of many students to pursue higher education. The popularity of the Business major is inseparable from its broad branches of specialization, ranging from HR, marketing, digital business, supply chain, to entrepreneurship. Not only that, but there are also still various other advantages that are interesting to know.

Advantages of Taking a Business Major

The high popularity of a Business major at the university level is due to various reasons, ranging from a broad scope of knowledge, opportunities to hone management skills, the fostering of creative thinking, to broad job prospects. Here are the details!


Multidisciplinary Knowledge

When you major in Business, you will not only learn about Business Management but also other related sciences. Each university may have a different curriculum. However, in general, Business courses will also study the basics of other sciences such as Business Communication, Business Mathematics, Marketing Management, Statistics, to Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. With such a broad scope of material, it is only natural that Business courses are considered a multidisciplinary science.


Hone Basic Management Skills

During the first semester, students will most likely take Introduction to Business and Management. Through this class, you will receive in-depth material about Business Management as well as the opportunity to hone your basic skills. This can be achieved not only through tests or exams, but also study cases, project creations, and hands-on practice.


Foster Creative Thinking

With the opportunity to practice the Business Management material you have learned, you will be encouraged to think creatively. For example, you may be asked to create a project to design a new business strategy. Through this opportunity, your creative thinking skills will be honed to think of interesting ideas in launching products, conducting effective promotions, and facing various challenges.


Broad Job Opportunities

With a comprehensive scope of knowledge, taking a Business major also has quite broad career prospects. After graduation, you can choose to pursue a profession as a business analyst, marketing executive, sales executive, project manager, business development expert, and many more. You can explore your career options more freely after graduating from college.


What Do I Study in Business?

By now, you know that studying in a Business major provides multidisciplinary learning. However, what exactly are the subjects studied in this major? Here are some of them!


Economic Theories

Business activities cannot be separated from the overall economic conditions. That is why students will get material about economic theories if they study in the Business major. This material explains the economic system overall, so that the connection between economic events can be seen.

Knowledge of Economics can help students to make data-based business decisions as well as analyze economic conditions that can affect business continuity. That way, decision-making will be informative and in line with the direction of organizational development.


Business Research

This major will also study research in the field. In Business research, students explore various research methods to achieve certain goals, such as how to increase sales, identify market needs, reduce operational costs, or optimize human resources in the company.

Management Science

Management science is needed in managing a business. This material teaches students how to manage the use of resources effectively and efficiently in order to achieve organizational goals. The resources in question do not only include employees as human resources (HR), but also resources in the form of money, machines, materials, assets, methods, and markets.



For those who plan to build their own businesses after college, this major is the right choice because you will also learn about entrepreneurship. Through this knowledge, students will receive materials to develop, organize, and run their own businesses; from how to start a business, how to get a profit, and how to face various challenges.

With multidisciplinary knowledge, wide job opportunities, the ability to encourage creative thinking, and the chance to sharpen one’s management skills, it is not surprising that taking the Business major is a popular choice for students. You can get all these advantages by studying at BINUS Business School.

By implementing international standards, BINUS Business School provides a curriculum that is tailored to the latest business conditions, so as to prepare students to compete in the global market after graduation. Moreover, BINUS Business School’s facilities and services are also complete with advanced technology to encourage the use of technology. For more information, visit the BINUS Business School website!