BINUS Business School

Business and Commerce in Australia

In the previous semester Even 2022/2023, we had the “Business and Commerce in Australia” course at Binus University. As the name suggests was about business and commerce in Australia, but we followed two aims in the course. First, know about business in Australia. In the semester, we tried to familiarize the students with the business atmosphere in Australia and inform them about marketing, CSR (corporate social responsibility), the financial system, the legal system In Australia, and how to penetrate to the Australian market among others. In the course, we hoped the students assimilated the information about the differences between the Australian market climate and other countries. The course was not only about business in Australia but also about the students’ abilities. A big part of this course was related to personal development. This course equips students with the reflective and professional skills to support personal development planning and evaluation. We helped the students to be stunning at researching, referencing, and critical thinking; also, some weeks, we tried to develop the students’ profiles such as improving the quality of their LinkedIn accounts or boosting their personal brand. There are some international students who joined the program, which is coming from different nationalities (i.e., Syria, Netherlands, Philippines, etc.). 

BINUS Business School International had the aspiration that this initiative would foster global awareness and acknowledgment of the significant contributions made by different groups. All that this course aim was to ameliorate quality education, decent economic, and innovation. The main lecturer of the course was Ardeshir Zamani Ph.D, but some knowledgeable lecturers joined the course as the guest lecturer. Five lecturers with different backgrounds participated in the program. By dint of using different lecturers, the students got to have access to a wide range of information and knowledge. 


This was a hybrid course and some students from Van Lang university joined the sessions via Zoom. By doing so, the students from different universities had a land of opportunities to share their ideas and findings and it provided a cozy atmosphere between the students. This synergy leveled up the students’ quality.  

At the end of the semester, the student wrote a proposal about establishing a business in Australia, and they presented their entrepreneurial idea at a Shark Tank meeting. Ardeshir Zamani, Jan Rohweder, and Jon Cannon as the panelists gave some feedback to the students and they had opportunities to fire ideas off each other.