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Need to Graduate on Time? Follow These Tricks

Many people want to graduate faster, and that might include you! There are many reasons students need to graduate on time, from saving money to following certain life plans. However, the busy campus life can be overwhelming, making it harder to graduate faster.

Practical Tips to Speed Up Graduation

If you plan to finish your education early, no worries. Follow these tips so you can graduate on time.

  • Scrutinize Your Classes

Universities offer mandatory and preferential classes. You should browse through the list of preferential classes and choose the ones that contribute to the focus of your study. Many students make mistakes by choosing too many classes because they want to learn more without considering the relevance, time, and financial constraint.

If you have troubles with scrutinizing your classes, discuss with your lecturer or advisor. They will offer insight about which classes you should take to round up your study.

  • Max Out the Class Credits

If possible, try maxing out your class credits every semester. If you choose only the most relevant classes, you can finish each semester without feeling overwhelmed. Minor or unrelated preferential classes should not be your concern. You can also take the short semester class or a similar program if available. 

  • Map Out Study Plan

Make sure you have a study plan to prioritize important tasks and activities. Seeing the activities in a clearly depicted schedule will help you in time management. You can see the tasks that can be prioritized and the ones to work on more slowly.

  • Join Competency-Based University

Many students want to graduate faster because they need to enter the workforce earlier. If so, your educational goal should be a competency-based university. This university teaches both theoretical and practical skills based on the current professional trends, which you can immediately apply after graduation, like BINUS UNIVERSITY.

  • Be More Proactive

A proactive student can increase their chance to graduate early. Being active in class, approaching the lecturer for questions and discussions, and doing tasks to earn extra credit can help you to graduate faster. Becoming more proactive also makes you understand the materials better, helping you in the study process.

How to Maximize Your Time at the University

You might need to graduate faster to enter the workforce, but why not maximizing your study time to gather the important skills? This way, even if you graduate early, you can enter the workforce without feeling inadequate.

Here are several ways to maximize your study time and prepare for the workforce before graduating early.

  • Join Internship Program

Internship prepares you for the workforce by putting you in a professional setting, doing various small tasks to earn credits. Place like BINUS UNIVERSITY has an internship program where you do things related to your curriculum at companies or organizations to gather experiences and credits. You also get a better chance if you decide to apply to the same company after graduation.

  • Join Research Program

Research program puts you in a team under a professor or professional leader to create a project. Here, you will learn how to build a research case, create a blueprint, manage your time, and work in a team. You can also build a portfolio and place a foot in the research world if that is your future goal.

  • Join Student Activities

If you skip a lot of minor classes, you can replace them with student activities. They are useful to build your portfolio and give you life skills. Even if you skip many classes, you can still graduate with enough experiences to enter the workforce.

Remember, graduating early is great, but you need to maximize your time and experience before entering the workforce. Doing these tips will make your time at the university more productive, giving you more leverage as an early graduate.