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For You Who Are Fighting for Something

As a university student, your schedule must be very busy. Unlike when you were in high school, you are required to be more able to manage your time. Some classes can take a long time. You must also often come home with a pile of college assignments. Oftentimes, the deadlines might take place all at once.

Manage Your Time: For You Who Are Fighting For Something

You may also be heavily involved in campus organizational activities. In addition, maybe you also work part-time or freelance outside of your college hours. You do whatever it takes to realize your dreams and achieve your goals. Moreover, not all parents can pay their child’s full tuition fees.

Not just feeling tired, you may have regrets.

How To Motivate Yourself Again?

For those of you who are fighting for something, feeling tired is natural. You’re only human. In fact, there are times when you feel regret when you experience exhaustion.

However, you should not let it drag on, especially since you are already halfway through.

Every decision in life has consequences, including sacrifices and tiredness. Perhaps, the five (5) tips below can help you to overcome tiredness. Hopefully after reading it, you will regain your spirit to complete your studies.

5 Tips To Regain Your Spirit When You Feel Exhausted From Studying At University

For those of you who are fighting for something, do not give up. If you are busy with class schedules, assignments, and organizational activities that seem endless, let’s stop for a moment. The five (5) tips below can help you deal with your exhaustion:

  • Remember your goals.

Still, remember your goals? For example, you do not wish to waste the scholarship you have earned. You also hope to get a job and achieve your goals. Remember, not everyone is as lucky as you are. Besides being constrained by tuition fees, it could be that their ability is not enough to get a college scholarship.

  • Allow yourself some ‘me-time’.

Get to know your own body, especially when you feel tired. No matter how busy you are, make time for a short break. Not only do you need to sleep regularly, you also need to eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. With a healthy body, you can feel enthusiastic about your studies again.

Regular lectures or online lectures also have their own challenges. Especially for online lectures, avoid using social media during online classes or doing assignments. Your eyes can get tired quickly and time is wasted, because the task is not finished immediately.

  • Allocate time and space for your hobbies.

Life is not only about college, work, and organizational activities. Remember to take time to pursue a hobby that makes you happy. For example, you like reading comics, painting, or watching your favorite series on Netflix. Just do it on the weekends to refresh your mind.

  • Hang out with positive people more.

Talk to a friend who is in a good mental state. Make sure they are not as tired as you are or have any problems. A positive-minded friend will usually cheer you up again, whether just as a listener or with activities you can do together.

  • Set your motivations right.

Being tired to the point of having burnout due to college is usually related to a loss of motivation. Well, get your spirit back by finding and setting college motivation. For example: wanting to finish college quickly so that you can work according to your dreams.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Graduate Program Will Support Your Cause

For those of you fighting for something, hopefully, education is one of them. BINUS UNIVERSITY will help you to reach your goals. With both regular lectures and online lectures, the BINUS UNIVERSITY Graduate Program will support your cause.