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How Vital Is Education In Changing Your Life?

Perhaps you often hear amazing stories of fellow human beings related to education. For example: there is a child from a poor family who has succeeded in changing the fate of his or her family. This change occurs since the child often receives educational scholarships. When it comes to moments like that, maybe you might agree on one thing:

How Vital Is Education In Changing Your Life?

For those who have felt the positive results of getting an education, they will probably answer: very much. In the modern era, education is arranged in a system of schools, universities, and course institutions.

After going through this time span, education participants with good grades will be declared graduated. For this reason, they are entitled to receive an official certificate stating that they have finished their education. The certificate can then be used to apply for jobs.

The level of education also affects the salary offer given by the company when you apply for a job. For example: applicants who graduate from the graduate program usually get a higher salary offer than applicants who graduate from the diploma program and the bachelor program.

Of course, your level of education is not the only thing that can change your life. In addition to self-arming with scientific theories, university alumni must bring other skills to survive and thrive in the working world. The ability to communicate, adapt in various social environments, and self-integrity will be additional qualities for them.

Why Is (Formal) Education Not The Only Factor That Can Change Your Life?

Years ago before the digital era, the number of scholars was not as many as it is now. So, if you hold an official diploma, you might be guaranteed to get a job easily. Not only in this country, there are also many undergraduate graduates who are lucky to get jobs and experience living abroad.

However, along with the development of the digital era, many undergraduates are moved to continue their master’s studies. In fact, if possible, they will continue to doctoral studies. This is not a matter of prestige, but more and more knowledge that can be used in the world of careers.

Not only that, work experience before graduation is also a plus point when applying for a full-time job later on. For example: while you were still a student, you also worked freelance or were involved in internship projects in your spare time. Employers will consider these skills before deciding to hire you.

What If Tuition Fees Are The Issues?

The #Covid19 pandemic has changed the paradigm of almost the entire world. Those who used to be able to leave the house without feeling worried now have to be vigilant about contracting the Corona virus. Various activities, including schools and colleges, have turned into online schools and lectures.

Many then have economic problems. However, there are many in this condition, but can still pursue higher education. One of the ways, of course, is through scholarships. Just like the example story at the beginning of this article, educational scholarships can change your life.

The #Covid19 pandemic has made many universities more active in online lectures. Now, you can complete your master’s and even doctoral degrees without having to experience traffic jams on the way to campus. Thanks to online lectures, schedules can be arranged flexibly. The quality of education is still good.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Graduate Program Offers Online Lectures

BINUS UNIVERSITY has already offered online lecture programs for diploma, bachelor, to Graduate Program students. This program has been running since 2008 and is suitable for you who find it difficult to follow a regular schedule. Especially if you are also working.

Now, pursuing higher education on a more flexible schedule is possible. It’s about time you received evidence that education can change your life. Make it happen with BINUS UNIVERSITY.