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5 Winning Tips to Tackle an International Business Working Environment

In an ever-changing international business and economic climate, graduates who want to excel across boundaries must study business from an international viewpoint. International business studies allow people to examine how globalization has increased the ‘connectedness’ of companies across borders.

On the other hand, companies are increasingly searching for graduates who can manage cross-cultural challenges and think globally. With an excellent International Business degree, you can pursue a career in international management, finance, commerce, or global business.

However, great business skills aren’t enough; you also need excellent intercultural abilities. Each country you contact has its own set of regulations and conventions, but there are certain fundamental guidelines for successful international business communication that can be implemented no matter where you travel and regardless of where your business partner comes from.

5 Tips to Work in an International Team

Here are some excellent tips if you want to successfully work in a diverse team.

Set Expectations and Clear Objectives

A project might already have a clear goal at the end line, but it remains useless if the team members don’t understand what it takes to achieve that goal. This problem can be quite challenging to tackle, especially if you work in an international organization where people might have different expectations and standards for results. Managing or being a part of a diverse team starts with you communicating the company’s vision and translating it into milestones that everyone can understand and achieve.

Keep an Open Mind

To begin, people must recognize that while individuals may be categorized based on ethnicity, culture, skills, and so on, no two persons within a group are the same. Leaders must first and foremost be concerned with the requirements of the person, which is accomplished via communication rather than depending on broad assumptions of what team members may require.

Be Flexible in Approach

Because various people in an international workforce will have varied requirements, it is critical that leaders focus on offering acceptable flexibility in the workplace. Leaders may show their support for a diverse workplace by allowing for acceptable flexibility inside the organization.

Build Excellent Communication

A team that has developed and works hard to preserve trust among its members will find it much simpler to deal with the many obstacles that come its way. When someone feels trusted, they work harder, are more willing to seek help, and acknowledge it if anything is wrong.

Additionally, building excellent communication can start from simple things, such as arranging weekly check-ins with the team members and having a 1 on 1 where your colleagues can share their struggles and achievements without feeling judged.

Recognize and Accept Differences

There is a commonly mistaken propensity to pretend that ‘we’re all the same’, yet this is jargon that doesn’t reflect reality. Everyone is unique. Rather than attempt to avoid acknowledging differences at work, leaders and managers should embrace them for the values they offer to the organization. It contributes to the normalization of diversity within the organization and promotes a cohesive workforce.

Fostering International Exposure with the Binus Business School International Undergraduate Program

The Binus Business School International Undergraduate Program (BBS IUP), a member of the world-renowned Binus Business School and Binus University family, has established itself as one of Indonesia’s most notable business schools, producing innumerable entrepreneurs and top executives throughout the world.

Binus has been exposing its students to foreign measures since their early years in order to widen their perspectives and worldwide networks. This will assist them as global citizens once they graduate.

The 2021 IBeX Talk Show is one of the realizations by Binus International Business School to expand their horizons about what it looks like to work in an international environment. Using an effective learning experience that includes technology, an entrepreneurial attitude, and high-impact research, Binus strives to leverage the trend of international business that focuses on the empowerment and education of its stakeholders. ** (KTS)