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In Need of an Equitable Strategy to Expand the Pertashop Network

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Since last year, PT Pertamina (Persero) has been constructing the thorough development of Pertashop mini gas stations in rural areas. By choosing the partnership concept, this state-owned company is targeting local entrepreneurs to become official agents of Indonesia’s non-subsidized fuel.

Asnan Furinto, a management observer from Bina Nusantara University, saw this as an effort from Pertamina to enter the retail segment. With the extensive geographic landscape of Indonesia, relying solely on fuel distribution in big cities will not be enough. Like it or not, Pertamina must move forward to remote areas.

In fact, Pertamina should have moved forward before other players came to the scene. Like Pertamini, which can be called an unofficial agent. “They should have been able to do this first before illegal sellers started to appear,” he said.

Regarding the non-subsidized fuel products being sold, Asnan considered this was the right choice. Indeed, Pertamina has long been demanded to educate the public about non-subsidized fuels. He said that non-subsidized products would not burden the company’s finances and could even reap profits.

Not to be Executed by Big Enterprises

However, keep in mind that this business expansion also needs to consider equity. Don’t let Pertashop partners only be filled by big entrepreneurs who have years of experience in the gas station business. Pertashop must be able to relate to and develop the village economy. “The profits still have to return to the regions,” he said.

He believes that as long as Pertamina could maintain quality and secure the smooth and timely supply of fuel, the mini gas station business would be a positive catalyst for the company’s business onward. The prospects are still quite interesting.

Asnan also advised that Pertamina should start preparing the infrastructure for electric vehicles as the next step. Even though it is still not due for a long time, this should be prepared in advance so that the company won’t fall behind other players. **

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Dr. Asnan Furinto is a lecturer at the Doctor of Research in Management (DRM) program, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL – BINUS University. Asnan also holds the position of Head of AoKI (Area of Knowledge Inquiry) in the Marketing, Science & Analytics field.